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C.I.A. interrogation - From the Cold War to the 'War on Terror'

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  • C.I.A. interrogation - From the Cold War to the 'War on Terror'

    "We now take a look at what lies behind the shocking images of torture at Abu Ghraib prison by turning to the history of the CIA and torture techniques. Professor Alfred McCoy talks about his book “A Question of Torture”, a startling expose of the CIA development of psychological torture from the Cold War to Abu Ghraib. CIA mercenaries attempted to assassinate McCoy more than 30 years ago...."


    mp3 file of interview here.

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    The more one reads about the CIA , the more he becomes convinced it is another powerful terrorist organistion that interferes , and stages coups everywhere to suit its agenda .Every single country on this planet has spies for the CIA.

    Contras ?MK Ultra ? Operations Northwoods, Gladio , Tuskagee , PB success , Drug Trade in Colombia and how it benefited from it (i wonder whether they are benefiting in Afganistan too , now that the opium production has tripled ??)
    when Danny Casolaro and Gary webb started digging into the shady world of the CIA and its control in the Drug world , they were both found dead : "with suicide notes "....

    Finding at story about the west nile virus shocked me

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