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US 'losing media war to al-Qaeda'

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  • US 'losing media war to al-Qaeda'

    The US is losing the propaganda war against al-Qaeda and other enemies, defence chief Donald Rumsfeld has said.
    It must modernise its methods to win the minds of Muslims in the "war on terror", as "enemies had skilfully adapted" to the media age, he said.

    Washington and the army must respond faster to events and learn to exploit the internet and satellite TV, he said.

    Separately, President Bush said the US should not be discouraged by setbacks in Iraq and must realise it is at war.

    "We shouldn't be discouraged... because we've seen democracy change the world in the past," George W Bush said.

    However, he also used his speech in Florida to claim progress in the war on al-Qaeda.....

    Rumsfeld - US losing media war to al-Qaeda

    Cue setbacks to Internet use and access as legislation tightens up regarding what surfers will be permitted to browse.

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    Haven't you followed the story about Google and Yahoo in China? There were Congressional hearings in the US about this crap. Why don't you take a break from bashing the West and read a newspaper.


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      Originally posted by Bilderbooger
      Haven't you followed the story about Google and Yahoo in China?
      Erm, I posted on the thread about it so I guess I must have been.

      You want to form an alliance and have me bash China with you?

      No chance, white man speak with forked tongue.


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