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    Next Wednesday will mark a year since the modest ceremony at which the outposts report was submitted to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Instead of an answer to the obvious question, "What has happened since then," the author of the report, former state prosecutor and attorney Talia Sasson, suggests visiting Migron, in the Binyamin region. This outpost starred in the report as a symbol of systemic collapse.

    It all began in April 2002, with a fake antenna, "a pole with a costume," as the Israel Defense Forces' brigade commander told Sasson. Pinhas Wallerstein, the head of the Binyamin Regional Council and a public servant, gave a commitment in writing that the antenna would not develop into another illegal outpost. But it ended up as such - the permanent home of 150 families, with public buildings, roads, lighting and so on....

    Show and tell? No, hide and seek


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      World should give Hamas a chance to moderate: Abbas


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        A private picture of Raed Ahmed Al-Batsh (L) and his brother Mahmoud Ahmed Al-Batsh (R) killed together at an explosion in Gaza March 6, 2006.

        UNICEF said Monday was a sad day for the children of Gaza, after five were killed in conflict-related incidents.

        In the first incident, two brothers, aged 14 and 15, were killed instantly when they were exposed to an unexploded device in a pond in Bereij, south of Gaza City.

        Later in the day, two brothers, aged 11 and 15, and a 14-year-old boy were killed as bystanders during an air attack....

        UNICEF: 'Sad day for children of Gaza'


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          GENEVA — Jewish settlers are terrorizing Palestinians with impunity, attacking children on their way to school and destroying farmers' trees and crops, a U.N. expert on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict said in a report.

          John Dugard, a South African lawyer, called the withdrawal of Israeli troops and settlers from the Gaza Strip last summer a positive step. But the Jewish state effectively controls Gaza through targeted killings and sonic booms from warplanes flying over the region, Dugard said in a report prepared ahead of next week's annual meeting of the 53-member U.N. Human Rights Commission....

          U.N.: Jewish settlers harass Palestinians


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            Highly confidential documents from the Ministry of Justice dating from the early 1990s, copies of which were sent to the ministers of defense, justice and housing as well as the attorney general, confirm the existence of a vast network of ties between Likud and Labor governments, and land dealers and settlers' associations, for the purpose of acquiring land in the West Bank.

            The documents were presented to the High Court of Justice during the hearings for petitions submitted by residents of Bilin and the Peace Now organization against the construction of hundreds of apartments on village lands and against the route of the fence that bisects them....

            Documents reveal Labor-Likud plans for West Bank

            Benjamin Netanyahu said he would move Israel’s security barrier deeper inside the West Bank.

            The Likud Party leader was the third of the three candidates in Israel’s March 28 elections to address this year’s American Israel Public Affairs Committee policy conference....

            Netanyahu would control more territory

            Middle East 'road map' way out of date: UN envoy


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              Roger Waters, a founder member of the rock group Pink Floyd, is under pressure to cancel a planned concert in Tel Aviv in June as a protest against Israeli policy towards the Palestinians.

              A group of Palestinian political activists, cultural organisations and their supporters have backed a letter to Mr Waters, who has expressed strong opposition to the 450-mile separation barrier being built by Israel. They urge him to remove the city from his summer tour this year....

              Palestinians urge Roger Waters to boycott Israel


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                Olmert tells Haaretz he'll build in West Bank area near Jerusalem

                A UN expert has said that East Jerusalem is undergoing major changes because of a new wall through Palestinian neighbourhoods aimed at reducing the number of Palestinians in the city....

                UN: Israel wall forcing Palestinians out


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                  In the most detailed description yet of his plans if elected prime minister this month, Ehud Olmert, Israel's acting prime minister and the front-runner, said that he intended to set the country's permanent borders by 2010 and that they were likely to run near the West Bank separation barrier.

                  Mr. Olmert also said he planned further development in Israel's largest settlement, Maale Adumim, which would eventually link up with nearby East Jerusalem. Palestinians vehemently oppose such a move, because it would further isolate the Arab parts of East Jerusalem. The United States has also objected....

                  Olmert outlines plans for Israel's borders

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                    WITH Israel's national election approaching, each day's news emphasizes a clear political shift: the settlement enterprise has lost the support of the country's mainstream voters.

                    Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, the front-runner in the March 28 vote, plans to evacuate more West Bank settlements unilaterally, a top figure in his party said this week. Mr. Olmert himself announced he would stop decades of investment in infrastructure for settlements. Those promises reflect a change not only in Mr. Olmert, a lifelong rightist, but in the electorate. Polls show that a strong majority supports parties ready to part with settlements.

                    The pattern is a familiar one from other countries. An endeavor once considered the epitome of patriotism leads to a quagmire. Sobriety and sadness replace euphoria. Arguments that once turned dissidents into pariahs now seem obvious: in this case, that to keep the West Bank will require Israel either to cease being democratic or to cease being a Jewish state. Not only settlers but national leaders have eroded the rule of law in pursuit of what they considered a patriotic goal.

                    As an Israeli who has pored over the documentary record of the settlement project, I know there is one more painful, familiar element to this story: the warnings were there from the start and were ignored, kept secret or explained away. Leaders deceived not only the country's citizens, but themselves. So begin national tragedies....

                    Israel's tragedy foretold

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                      With Israel's national election approaching, each day's news emphasizes a clear political shift: The settlement enterprise has lost the support of Israel's mainstream voters...

                      West Bank settlements: Wrong from the start

                      Hamas attacks Israel border plan

                      Israelis want AIPAC-backed bill softened


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                        Israeli ministers were secretly warned just after the Six-Day War in 1967 that any policy of building settlements across occupied Palestinian territories violated international law.

                        A "top secret" memo by the Foreign Ministry's then legal counsel said that would "contravene the explicit provisions of the Fourth Geneva Convention". Growth of Jewish settlements over the next three decades followed.

                        The official advice that a policy which is now a major obstacle to a peaceful settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict had no basis in international law has been highlighted by the Israeli historian, Gershom Gorenberg. His new book, The Accidental Empire: Israel and the Birth of the Settlements will generate fresh debate on the legality of the West Bank settlements in the wake of Ariel Sharon's decision to withdraw 8,500 settlers from Gaza last August.....

                        Israelis were warned on illegality of settlements in 1967 memo


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                          Hamas's draft government programme has left the question of recognising Israel to the Palestinian people - leaving the door open for a possible referendum.

                          Hamas published a draft of its government programme on its website on Saturday.

                          The fifth article in the programme says: "The question of recognising Israel is not the jurisdiction of one faction, nor the government, but a decision for the Palestinian people."

                          Handing the issue over to a popular referendum would neatly disengage Hamas from being labelled as a hardline movement that refuses to recognise Israel on ideological grounds....

                          Recognising Israel 'is up to the people'


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                            We need to fight Hamas - Israeli rightwing


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                              Raising Yousuf: a diary of a mother under occupation


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