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  • al-Khiyal

    Ya sadiqi al-Khiyal,

    The Shia's had a large demonstration and gathering today in Lebanon and where addressed by a Shia scholar from Hizbullah. I caught the very end of his speech on Aljazeera but missed the end.

    If you could find me a stream of that I would be very greatful. I tried but with no avail.


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    assif ya El Henni, I'm aware of demonstrations in Lebanon and elsewhere but haven't got hold of anything beyond press reports. If I find anything I'll post it here for you.



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      @ MrMeaner

      "The US and French ambassadors in Lebanon are interfering in Lebanese internal matters to such a degree that the French ambassador now insists on keeping his visits to Lebanese politicians and officials secret. The other day, he canceled a meeting with Gen. `Awn because the latter informed the press of the meeting."


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        I'm with you on Hezbollah ya MrMeaner, the U.S. is in full-on 'recruit the local stooges' mode but that will not impress anyone outside the ranks of those lining up for American crumbs and pats on the head.

        There is a fierce patriotism among the Lebanese and no U.S. client regime will be able to tap into it, Hezbollah is the only show in town.

        Joseph Samaha, a Beirut columnist, says it well:

        "Democracy is not an alternative to patriotism. It is one of its tools. The mound of western theories and sleights of hand will collapse. The mound quivered in Iraq, and Palestine turned it into ruins. Give us democracy and take resistance."

        Here is another Lebanese group which has a position of opposition to any U.S. attempt to exert hegemony and you can find more criticism of U.S. interference in Lebanese political and security affairs here.

        [Edited by Al-khiyal on 24th February 2006 at 12:09]


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          Tens of thousands of Lebanese Shiites protest attack on shrine in Iraq


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            You should have seen his speech al-khiya, I think the head of Hizullah, he was like the destruction in Samara was instigated by America and they will never move us and the crowd were right into it.

            I dont agree with what he said but

            I'll give the Shia's one thing they dont half know how to deliver a goos speach, the guy was a great orator and had the crowd on the tip of his tongue.


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