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    Originally posted by Al-khiyal
    Originally posted by Amina-DZ

    I want to get this. It was out about a month ago. Anyone read it?
    I have it en route to me ya Amina, the paperback release date is actually today
    Thanks, let me know when you read it.

    I'm reading this at the moment, and it's very good.

    Next I want to get:

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    mafi mushkilla, I'll give you a 'review' when I'm done, ya Amina. I have the other two, the 9/11 report has a wealth of detail, sa7? Enough to make anyone wonder why certain obvious questions were not asked of certain evidence anyway.

    Ritter I have mixed views on. While the material he is (belatedly) bringing to public attention is valuable he takes pains to downplay his own dishonorable role in prolonging the sanctions agony and feeding the paranoia and spin that ultimately led to Iraq being attacked. He tries to present himself now as a man of integrity who took a stand against the machinations of others when in truth he was up to his neck in some of their games, both as dupe and as willing game player. For years he was a key player in assisting the tightening and prolonging of sanctions with his obsessive insistence that Iraq 'prove a negative' and his adherence to the view that Iraqi failure to do so was 'sinister proof' of some kind. A lot of his material is very, very useful but for me he is no man of honor, he is a dissembler with a book to sell.

    Caveat emptor, when you have read his book I will be pleased to discuss it with you.


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      He left the state department during the Us-vietnam war.

      Oussama Bin Laden did advise the US citizens to read this book and it seems they listened to him since Blum is selling much more than before.


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