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  • HA HA HA America

    HA HA HA anyone seen that thread ?

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    If you think for one moment that by creating this thread is to aggravate him, then I say, that this is an extremely lame attempt.


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      Originally posted by terrero
      Sure, he's in safe hands sister Houda...he got you to delete any compromising posts.Another deleted reply of mine was to his cartoon thread which you obviously you sleep at night I wonder...
      Probably because she doesn't lose sleep at night over what happens on this board. Unlike you, evidently.



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        you can be funny sometimes Volty(in a cheap way!)...but a Satirist you're not...could this be part of the mod sweetning process?
        Revenons a nos you have any comment on the thread or just petty characteristic random replies?
        And I would be glad to hear your position regarding the creation of Israel?
        Are the muslims who are being prosecuted all over the world, and bombs dropped on them entitled to take over Wales and become your neighbours?


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          I suggest we do a simple analogy of calling US/UK/Israel as Nazis and muslims Jews then it will make a whole lotta sense...then the argument of they were just taking orders won't stand no more...and we will be all for freezing Nazis assets and bringing them to court for crimes against humanity...etc...


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            Al Khiyal I suggest you gather the required information for the next generations as this generation seems to be content with the situation...


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