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Indonesia earthquake deaths top 6,000

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  • Indonesia earthquake deaths top 6,000

    BANTUL, Indonesia May 27, 2006 (AP)— A powerful earthquake flattened buildings in central Indonesia early Saturday, killing at least 2,900 people and injuring thousands more in the country's worst disaster since the 2004 tsunami.

    The magnitude-6.2 quake struck at 5:54 a.m. near the ancient city of Yogyakarta, as most people were sleeping, causing death and damage in many nearby towns.

    One geologist warned that the temblor could spark a large eruption at nearby Mount Merapi, one of the world's most active volcanoes.

    Houses, hotels and government buildings collapsed, sending hysterical people running through the streets. Many roads and bridges were destroyed, hindering efforts to get taxis and pickup trucks filled with wounded to hospitals overflowing with patients.

    Fourteen hours after the quake struck, the number of dead stood at 2,914, said Social Affairs Ministry official Sopar Jaya.


    Australia offers $1m aid to Indonesia

    EU to release $3.8 million in aid for Indonesia quake victims

    Russia ready to send relief to quake-hit Indonesia - Putin

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    Earthquake kills more than 3,500 in Indonesia, thousands more injured


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      Indonesia declares state of emergency

      The Indonesian government has declared a state of emergency after a quake killed more than 4,600 people and injured 20,000 on the island of Java.

      Rescue workers raced against time on Monday in the hope of finding survivors under the debris of razed homes.

      Some 35,000 buildings around the city of Yogyakarta were reduced to rubble when a 6.3-magnitude earthquake struck at dawn on Saturday.

      After a cabinet meeting late on Sunday, Jusuf Kalla, the vice-president, said the emergency period would last three months and the government aimed to complete "reconstruction and rehabilitation" within a year.

      "We will have an emergency period for three months - May till August. The objectives are providing food, healthcare and shelter," he said......



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        Jesus Christ! When will it end? These poor folks can't catch a break. My heart goes out to them.


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          First U.N. aid flight arrives as survivors scavenge for food

          BANTUL, Indonesia - Tens of thousands camped out for a second night Sunday in streets, cassava fields and the paths between rice paddies as the death toll from Indonesia’s earthquake rose to more than 4,300.

          Rattled by hundreds of aftershocks, exhausted and grieving survivors scavenged for food and clothes in the brick, wood and tile rubble of their flattened houses. They pleaded for aid, which — despite worldwide pledges of tens of millions of dollars and planes carrying medicine and food — seemed to be coming too slow.

          The first U.N. aid flight arrived Monday carrying water, tents, stoves and cooking sets.

          Torrential rain late Sunday added to the misery of some 200,000 people left homeless by Saturday’s 6.3-magnitude quake, most of them living in makeshift shelters of plastic, canvas or cardboard. Thousands of wounded awaited treatment in hospitals overflowing with bloodied patients......



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            Indonesia quake toll tops 5,000

            4-page article


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              Aid begins to arrive in earthquake zone

              Emergency aid began arriving yesterday in areas devastated by a 6.3-magnitude earthquake in Indonesia, but officials said supplies were not being delivered fast enough to victims who begged for help on roads lined with crumpled buildings.

              An aid plane chartered by the UN's children agency arrived in the city of Solo, about three hours from the hardest-hit district of Bantul on Java island. It was loaded with water, tents, stoves and cooking sets that officials said would be distributed later yesterday.

              On Sunday, three UN trucks brought high-energy biscuits to survivors and two Singapore military cargo planes arrived at Yogyakarta airport with doctors and medical supplies.

              But officials said relief supplies remained inadequate.

              "We have received food and medicine from the government but it's not enough," said Suparno, a neighborhood official in Bantul who goes by one name, like many Indonesians. "How can I distribute 40kg of rice to 1,200 people?"

              Hundreds of villagers lined main roads in the disaster zone, holding out donation boxes. They explained that any money collected would be used communally to buy rice, oil and candles.

              "We need help. Anything at all," one sign read......



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                Indonesia quake survivors need food aid for two months, UN says


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                  Indonesia's Merapi volcano releases a huge cloud of hot gas late Sunday as seen from Yogyakarta, the provincial capital of Central Java province

                  JAKARTA (XFN-ASIA) - Indonesia's Mount Merapi volcano belched heat clouds and sent trails of lava running down its slopes today, heightening fears of an eruption just days after a devastating earthquake nearby.

                  In the early hours of Tuesday, Merapi sent out 10 heat clouds and 120 lava trails, some of them two kilometers long, said Tri Yani of the vulcanology office in Yogyakarta.

                  Plumes of smoke were seen rising some 900 metres into the air -- nearly double the height seen the previous day. The area remains on high alert for a possible eruption.

                  Scientists have warned that although the magma flow which forms a dome at the peak appears to be weakening, the structure may collapse and spew out millions of cubic metres of volcanic rock and lava.

                  Indonesia's Merapi volcano spews heat clouds and lava

                  Indonesia quake may trigger Merapi eruption -expert


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                    Survivors of quake resort to desperate measures


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                      Quake-proof construction standards 'ignored'


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                        22 nations help with Indonesian quake

                        BANTUL, Indonesia (AP) - Hopes of finding more survivors in the rubble of Indonesia's devastating earthquake waned Tuesday, as an emergency relief operation involving 22 countries picked up pace to help 200,000 people left homeless.

                        The airport in the historic city of Yogjakarta, the one closest to the area worst hit by Saturday's quake that killed nearly 5,700 people, reopened after cracks in the runway were repaired. Two U.S. Marines cargo planes were among the first aid flights to land.

                        Most of the survivors of Saturday's 6.3-magnitude quake were living in improvised shacks close to their demolished homes or in shelters erected in rice fields.

                        Getting food and fresh water remained a pressing concern, and thousands of people have taken to begging for cash and supplies along roadways......



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                          Doctors swamped as quake victims throng hospitals

                          In an airless corridor in the bowels of Bantul's main hospital, 34-year-old Purwanto clutched his swollen left leg and wept for his dead daughter, Ingrid.

                          It was four days before his wife, Rostati, found him. "I was desperate. I thought he'd died too," she said. "When I got here, I didn't recognise him because he was covered in blood."

                          Their daughter was one of 6,234 people who perished in the quake last week. More than 30,000 people were seriously hurt. Eight days on, many have yet to be treated. Hundreds have died from their injuries while awaiting medical attention.

                          Despite an influx of foreign doctors and nurses, local health services have been swamped. In Bantul, 2,000 people have passed through a hospital designed to accommodate fewer than 400. It has been the same story in dozens of field clinics set up around the district.....



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                            Indonesia earthquake survivors face exposure to extreme heat, rainfall and dust


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