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A case for dividing Iraq

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    na9am, I understand the 'numbers' arguments. But it remains a fact that the Kurds killed more Kurds in their internecine disputes than Hussein ever did - in terms of dead and displaced their own internal conflicts caused greater losses and upheavals. And it isn't exactly true to say that all Shi'ites were 'groaning under oppression' - many enjoyed postions of power and wealth and many were in the senior ranks of the Ba'ath Party and enjoyed local, regional and national power. It was the Islamist parties, and their terrorism campaigns, and external actors such as Chalabi (left Iraq in 1959) and his INC and Allawi and his INA and their terrorism campaigns, combined with Kurdish nationalist aspirations and the machinations of external powers (e.g. the U.S.A. and Iran), that in large part made for a repressive security state in Iraq.

    Now the exiles and Kurds and Islamists have been placed in nominal positions of power with the help of external powers - and people in Iraq are not enjoying the experience, as assassinations, torture, ethnic cleansing and religious fanaticism seem to be essential tools and by-products of the newly installed.


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      Al Khiyal,

      If Saddam was against Islamic terrorists,
      why would the Americans get rid of him..?

      Just tell me the dynamics of the daily killings that are going on in Iraq now..Why..?

      Everytime I remember the bloodied face of the divine-looking face of a little girl in the hospital,
      I feel very sad, and disgusted with humanity.


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