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    Palestinians remember Arafat

    Saturday 11 November 2006, 15:03 Makka Time, 12:03 GMT

    Thousands of Palestinians visited the gravesite of Yasser Arafat on Saturday to mark the second anniversary of his death.

    Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, addressed them at the Muqataa headquarters in the West Bank city of Ramallah.

    He said that a solution to the current political impasse between Fatah and Hamas was near.

    Abbas said: "I tell my people that we have achieved great progress on the way to forming a national unity government that can end the siege and open the horizons for political solutions that will end the occupation forever.

    "I expect, God willing, that this government will see the light of day before the end of this month."

    A "massive" crowd gathered in front of Arafat's resting place, an Aljazeera correspondent said.

    Building the tomb has not yet finished for technical and financial reasons, our correspondent added.

    Palestinians are remembering Arafat's life two years after his death in a Paris hospital, aged 75.

    Arafat is seen as embodying their continued struggle for statehood.

    Boycotted by Israel and the United States in the final years of his life, his death refuelled hopes for progress on the Middle East peace process.

    But two years on, Palestinians' daily lives have grown more desperate.

    In the runup to the anniversary, nearly a hundred Palestinians were killed in a week of Israeli army operations, mainly in the Gaza Strip.

    Gaza and the West Bank are subject to an aid boycott by Western governments and trade blockades by Israel.

    The power struggle between the rival Fatah and Hamas factions has intensified the problems ordinary Palestinians face.

    Aljazeera.Net - Palestinians remember Arafat


    عباس يتمسك بمبادئ عرفات ويتوقع حكومة وحدة قريبا

    محمود عباس يؤكد عدم تنازل الشعب الفلسطيني عن شبر من أرضه (الجزيرة)

    أكد الرئيس الفلسطيني محمود عباس في كلمة له في الذكرى الثانية لرحيل الزعيم ياسر عرفات أنه لن يحيد قيد أنملة عن مبادئ الراحل المتمثلة بالتمسك بالحقوق الوطنية الثابتة غير المنقوصة بالقدس الشريف وبحل عادل متفق عليه لقضية اللاجئين على أساس القرار رقم 194. كما بشر الفلسطينيين بالإعلان عن حكومة الوحدة الوطنية قبل نهاية الشهر الحالي.

    وأوضح عباس أنه "لن يتحقق الأمن ولا السلام في ظل الاحتلال والاستيطان وضم القدس الشريف لإسرائيل"، مؤكدا أن الشعب الفلسطيني لن يتنازل عن شبر واحد من أرضه وفي المقدمة القدس الشريف.

    في الذكرى الثانية لرحيله
    عباس يتمسك بمبادئ عرفات ويتوقع حكومة وحدة قريبا



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    One minaret is all that was left of the al-Nasser mosque, one of the oldest in Gaza.

    Water, electricity and telephone networks have all been badly damaged by the Israeli action

    Le : Mohammed Al-Chbeir appelé à diriger le nouveau gouvernement palestinien

    Aljazeera.Net - Israeli attacks kill teenagers

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