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Haider to call it quits

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  • Haider to call it quits

    Conservative landslide buries far-right party in Austria polls.
    Vienna Austrian Chancellor Wolfgang Schuessel formed a new goverment Monday after his conservatives won a landslide victory in Sunday elections that left Joerg Haider's far-right Freedom Party in tatters.
    The Freedom Party,wich former Chairman Haider had made into Europe most succesful far-right party with 27 percent of Austria's vote in 1999, lost almost two thirds of that support in a crushing defeat.
    This time aroud Austria's anti-immigration, Euroskeptic party that caused international outrage when it entered goverment with Shuessel's party in 2000 gathered a mere10,2 percent of the vote, a quarter of Shuessel's 42.3percent

    Haider to call it quits
    "I was deeply hurt by the election results and see that there is a great deal of distrust towards me,"
    "I've absolutely had my fill of politics."

    Good riddance !


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