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What makes a Muslim radical?

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  • What makes a Muslim radical?

    Foreign Policy: What Makes a Muslim Radical?

    By John L. Esposito, Dalia Mogahed

    Posted November 2006

    Ask any foreign-policy expert how the West will know it is winning the war on terror, and the likely response will be, “When the Islamic world rejects radicalism.” But just who are Muslim radicals, and what fuels their fury? Every politician has a theory: Radicals are religious fundamentalists. They are poor. They are full of hopelessness and hate. But those theories are wrong.

    Based on a new Gallup World Poll of more than 9,000 interviews in nine Muslim countries, we find that Muslim radicals have more in common with their moderate brethren than is often assumed. If the West wants to reach the extremists, and empower the moderate Muslim majority, it must first recognize who it’s up against.

    Visit the link to see interesting charts and graphs (they're flash media so i don't know how to post them here)


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    I've not read the whole thread just looked at the graphs.
    The questions they asked show clearly that they know NOTHING about muslims. They didn't expect a diff regarding the answers to those questions, did they?
    Avant d'ecrire il faut savoir lire,
    et avant de parler, il faut savoir ecouter
    Par El Bachir El Ibrahimi


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      Hm... I'm not sure it was that bad. It seems to me that the intention was to use facts to cut through a lot of the rhetoric that comes out in the press about "they hate our way of life" etc.

      In order to produce statistics that do get past that discourse, they probably did have to ask questions like those. To a (I presume, forgive me if I'm wrong) Muslim like yourself, it will look like they're stating the obvious. But I doubt you were the intended audience.



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        I got the hint that they were saying "here, we analyzed them for you so you can track them down more precisely"....


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