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Dominique Strauss-Kahn charged in connection with allegations of sexual assault

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    May 23, 2011 -- A lawyer for Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the former International Monetary Fund chief, said the first findings of his investigation show accusations by a hotel maid that Strauss-Kahn tried to rape her are false. Benjamin Brafman, the lawyer, said he’s “confident” Strauss-Kahn will be acquitted after a trial. Brafman spoke in an interview with France’s national TF1 television from Israel, where he was staying for personal reasons, according to the French broadcaster. “From what I have seen already in the file, I am confident,” said Brafman, whose comments in English were translated into French for broadcast yesterday. “If he can have a fair trial, at the end of the hearings he will be acquitted. From the investigations we have carried out, I believe the accusations will prove false.” Strauss-Kahn, 62, is charged in state court in New York with the sexual assault and attempted rape of a hotel housekeeper in Manhattan on May 14. Strauss-Kahn, who resigned as IMF managing director on May 18, was released from the Rikers Island jail complex on May 20 after posting $1 million to the court as part of his bail agreement. He also posted a $5 million bond as a guarantee that he will appear for trial.

    Manhattan Assistant District Attorney John “Artie” McConnell said in court May 19 that the victim had provided an “unwavering” account of violent sexual assault. He said her account was corroborated by findings in a hospital examination and that preliminary results indicate forensic evidence from the hotel room also may be found. A grand jury also has heard evidence in the case and voted there was reasonable cause to support the charges in an indictment. “While the investigation still is in its early stages, the proof against him is substantial,” McConnell said. “It is continuing to grow every day.”

    The former French finance minister is staying temporarily at a building in Lower Manhattan that includes residential units. Police in front of the building at 71 Broadway confirmed that it was where Strauss-Kahn was confined. Under court order, he isn’t allowed to leave the building except for a medical emergency. Strauss-Kahn’s current neighborhood comprises the southern tip of Manhattan. It contains City Hall, Wall Street and the site where the World Trade Center stood before it was destroyed in the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. The area is also home to police headquarters and state and federal courthouses. The 71 Broadway building, across from Trinity Church and previously the headquarters of U.S. Steel Corp., has access to the subway in its basement, a small gym and a club room on the upper floors. A police officer stood guard yesterday on the entrance steps under scaffolding. Strauss-Kahn is staying on the ninth floor, where the hallways are lined with beige wallpaper and green carpet. A guard in a brown suit sat in a chair in front of a stairwell across from his apartment door.

    “While the building management is great here, the apartments here are not luxurious by any means,” said Robert Lynde, a tenant at the building who runs his own wine business. “The apartments here are pretty standard. It’s not like you’re staying at the Waldorf. There are more luxurious places in the neighborhood to stay.” Lynde, 42, who moved to the building in October, said he found out May 21, while getting a cup of coffee from a ground- floor shop, that Strauss-Kahn was staying there. Lynde said he received an e-mail later that morning from the building’s management saying Strauss-Kahn was at the building as a guest of a lessee. According to the e-mail, Strauss-Kahn was expected to be at the building until early this week. Television cameras and reporters from U.S. and French media were camped across the street from the building, while tourists took photos. The apartment where Strauss-Kahn originally planned to stay didn’t work out because of the overwhelming media presence at the Upper East Side building, said defense attorney William Taylor, who likened the situation to the throng of reporters that surrounded Bernard Madoff after he was arrested in a Ponzi scheme. “It was a Madoff kind of circus,” Taylor said. “The building made it known they didn’t want” Strauss-Kahn. New York state Supreme Court Justice Michael Obus said Strauss-Kahn, after he moves to more permanent housing, will be able to make arrangements to leave under an escort and with notice for court appearances, meetings with attorneys and religious observances.

    In the indictment filed May 19, Strauss-Kahn is charged with criminal sex acts, attempted rape, sexual abuse, unlawful imprisonment and forcible touching. While he has denied the accusations, he hasn’t entered a formal plea to any of the charges. He’s scheduled to be arraigned June 6. At the Sofitel hotel in Midtown Manhattan, he allegedly closed the door of the room to keep the woman from leaving, grabbed her breasts and tried to pull down her pantyhose, according to court papers. He also forced her to perform oral sex, prosecutors said. The maid escaped and later picked Strauss-Kahn out of a lineup, police said.

    French women’s groups last week criticized what they say is the lack of attention the hotel maid was getting from politicians and the country’s media. They said the torrent of reaction all but ignored the woman because of a so-called code of silence when it comes to the alleged victims of powerful men like Strauss-Kahn. “The maid is invisible and the IMF chief gets the support,” Clementine Autain, who was raped at the age of 23 and co-founded Paris-based feminist group Mix-Cite, wrote on her blog. More than half of French people think that Strauss-Kahn is the victim of a conspiracy, according to a May 16 telephone opinion poll carried out by the CSA agency. “People in France must know my client is in good spirits and that he wants to defend himself vigorously and that he is very well-advised by his lawyers who are determined to prove his innocence and restore his honor,” Brafman said in the television interview.


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      Lundi 23 Mai 2011 -- D'après le New York Post, Dominique Strauss-Kahn aurait essayé d'inviter dans sa suite deux employées du Sofitel, en les invitant à prendre un verre dans la journée qui a précédé l'agression sexuelle présumée contre la femme de chambre. Une des réceptionnistes de l'hôtel a affirmé à CNN qu'il lui aurait proposé de boire un verre de champagne vendredi soir dans sa chambre. Et d'après le New York Post, il aurait fait cette même offre à une autre femme samedi, peu de temps avant son arrestation. Une invitation dans laquelle il n'y avait "rien de sexuel" mais jugée "inappropriée" par la jeune femme, selon le quotidien.

      Un dîner avec une femme blonde le vendredi soir ?

      Par ailleurs, Paris Match indique sur son site web, en savoir "un peu plus sur l'emploi du temps de Dominique Strauss-Kahn à New York durant les heures qui ont précédé son arrestation". Selon le site de l'hebdo, Dominique Strauss-Kahn serait "arrivé de Washington le vendredi en fin de journée" avant de dîner le soir dans le très chic Mark Hotel, un palace de l'Upper East Side, en tête à tête avec une jeune femme blonde. Il aurait alors commandé une bouteille de Bordeaux. Selon le site, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, qui est un habitué du lieu, y avait dormi le 5 février dernier en compagnie de son épouse Anne Sinclair qui, ce jour-là, avait reçu un prix lors du gala du lycée français de New York.


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        Lundi 23 Mai 2011 -- "Je ne veux plus protéger un homme qui abuse des femmes, j'espère que notre système judiciaire, qui est juste, le condamnera à hauteur des faits qui lui sont reprochés". Voici ce qu'a déclaré à nos confrères du Figaro Kristin Davis, plus connue sous le nom de "Manhattan Madam". À la tête d'un réseau de call-girls, cette entremetteuse des banquiers d'affaires leur a affirmé qu'elle "avait des éléments prouvant que Dominique Strauss-Kahn faisait appel à ses services". Elle ne souhaite qu'une chose : pouvoir témoigner contre le directeur du FMI lors de son procès. En fin de semaine dernière, dans la presse britannique , Kristin Davis affirmait que DSK avait été client de sa société en 2006. Époque à laquelle le socialiste n’était pas encore à la tête du FMI. "En janvier 2006, une des filles l'avait trouvé brusque et en colère, et avait refusé de le revoir" a-t-elle rapporté au Telegraph. En septembre 2006, une autre prostituée d'origine brésilienne s'est aussi plaint d'avoir été malmenée. Dans le Daily Telegraph, elle racontait également que Strauss-Kahn l'aurait appelé directement sur son portable, et aurait payé 1.200 dollars pour des séances de deux heures dans des chambres d'hôtel, alors qu'il était candidat à la tête du PS. "Quand un homme agresse une femme, je ne protège plus son anonymat" a-t-elle justifié en révélant le nom de son ancien client. Agée de 35 ans, "Manhattan Madam" a été emprisonnée quatre mois en 2008, à Rikers Island, pour proxénétisme.


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          May 23, 2011 -- Dominique Strauss-Kahn told a New York City hotel maid, “Don’t you know who I am! Don’t you know who I am?” while pinning her down during the alleged sexual assault, law enforcement sources close to the investigation told That and other details of the maid's complaint to police emerged Monday as police reportedly confirmed that disgraced ex-International Monetary Fund boss Strauss-Kahn's DNA was found on the maid's shirt. Authorities were able to match a DNA sample taken from Strauss-Kahn with semen on the shirt, law enforcement officials told the Wall Street Journal. Strauss-Kahn, who is out on $1 million bail, faces sexual assault charges in the alleged attack.

          Sources told that the 32-year-old African immigrant repeatedly told her alleged attacker, “Please, please stop. No!” The sources said she had no idea who was staying in the $3,000-a-night junior presidential suite until after the alleged attack, which lasted approximately thirty minutes. According to the maid’s account, as told to investigators and relayed to, the maid entered the room and was confronted by a naked Strauss-Kahn, who emerged from the bathroom and began grabbing the maid’s breasts while trying to pin her down on his bed. The maid is deeply religious, investigators said, and immediately put her hands over her eyes so she wouldn’t see the naked Frenchman. He ran to her, began grabbing her breasts and pulling her down the hallway inside the luxury suite toward the bedroom. The blood-stained white bed sheets were later taken into evidence by police.

          The maid said she tried a variety of tactics to get herself out of the room and away from Strauss-Kahn. She said, “my manager is in the hallway,” which he wasn’t - but the former IMF chief wasn’t scared off. The single mother allegedly told the Frenchman that the job was important to her and any conflict with a hotel guest would result in her losing her job. “Please stop. I need my job, I can’t lose my job, don’t do this. I will lose my job. Please, please stop! Please stop!” she told Strauss-Kahn, according to law enforcement sources. Strauss-Kahn allegedly responded: “No, baby. Don’t worry, you’re not going to lose your job. Please, baby, don’t worry,” Strauss-Kahn responded, according to investigators. “Don’t you know who I am? Don’t you know who I am?” While she continued to plead with him, begging him to stop, he allegedly continued to attack her, dragging her down the hallway.

          When she pushed him away and ran toward the door, she slipped on a newspaper bag on the floor and fell to her knees. That’s when Strauss-Kahn came up behind her and forced her to perform oral sex, sources said. The maid finally escaped from her alleged attacker by pushing him into the sharp edge of an armoire in the hotel suite. Sources said the Frenchman has a gash on his back where he hit the armoire. She ran into the service corridor on the floor where co-workers found her and tried to console her. She was shaking profusely and unable to even hold a cup of water, sources said.

          Ben Brafman, an attorney for Strauss-Kahn, said he couldn’t comment. Erin Duggan, spokeswoman for New York District Attorney Cyrus Vance also declined to comment. Jeffrey Shapiro, attorney for the maid, did not immediately return requests for messages left on his cell phone, at his office and via email.

          Strauss-Kahn also made passes at two separate female concierges during his 24-hour stay. When he checked in, he grabbed and massaged the hand of the concierge and invited her to his room. She declined. Later on that night, Strauss-Kahn called downstairs and invited a different female concierge up to his room. “Come upstairs, I’ve got a beautiful room, a great bottle of wine.” That employee also declined the Frenchman’s advances, sources said.

          Sources close to the maid described her as a model employee with a pristine work record who doesn’t drink or smoke and rushes home after work to take care of her children. On Saturday, May 14, sources said the Sofitel hotel maid followed hotel protocol, knocking three times while yelling “housekeeping” at increasingly loud volume before finally ringing the doorbell. There was no answer from inside the room, and it was after noon checkout time. Sources said the former IMF chief now indicted on sexual assault charges did not request a late checkout and should not have been in his room, which he’d rented for one night. Additionally, a room service employee cleared Strauss-Kahn’s room and found the room empty minutes before the maid entered. Investigators said they believe the man known as the “Great Seducer” may have intentionally hid from the room service employee, knowing that the maid would enter the room shortly after.


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            Lundi 23 Mai 2011 -- Selon la chaîne américaine NBC, les traces de sperme retrouvées sur le chemisier de Nafissatou Diallo correspondraient bien à l'ADN de Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Ces traces ont été prélevées sur le col du chemisier de la femme de ménage de l'hôtel Sofitel. Cette dernière l'accuse de l'avoir agressé sexuellement samedi dernier.


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              May 23, 2011 -- Tests matched a DNA sample submitted by former International Monetary Fund director Dominique Strauss-Kahn and semen found on the shirt of the hotel maid who told police she had been sexually assaulted by him, law-enforcement officials said. Meanwhile, witnesses provided an account of the minutes just after the alleged assault, one of the officials said. Witnesses told police Mr. Strauss-Kahn passed by the maid, who was visibly upset, outside his room as he made his way to the elevator to leave the hotel.

              The former French finance minister and presidential hopeful was indicted Thursday for sexual assault and attempted rape. Mr. Strauss-Kahn subsequently resigned his position with the IMF but has maintained his innocence. The case has been front-page news on both sides of the Atlantic. One of Mr. Strauss-Kahn's attorneys, Benjamin Brafman, declined to comment. The indictment was handed down five days after Mr. Strauss-Kahn, 62 years old, was taken off an Air France flight at New York's John F. Kennedy Airport by police. Earlier that day, a 32-year-old maid at the Sofitel New York hotel in Midtown Manhattan reported to officials that she had been sexually abused around noon after she entered Mr. Strauss-Kahn's room to clean it.

              Mr. Strauss-Kahn submitted to the DNA test after his arrest and was ordered held without bail after being arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court on May 16. Lawyers for Mr. Strauss-Kahn said in court that the evidence in the case "will not be consistent with a forcible encounter." That may signal his lawyers plan a defense based on consensual sex. On Friday after spending most of the week being held without bail at Rikers Island jail, Mr. Strauss-Kahn was released on a bail package that required him to post $1 million cash, a $5 million bond and be placed under 24-hour, guarded-home confinement. He is currently in an apartment in lower Manhattan.

              Meanwhile, a law-enforcement official with knowledge of the investigation provided a narrative based on witness accounts on what happened in the minutes after the alleged assault. The official said that the maid was found by other hotel employees crouching in the hall. She was shaken up, the official said, "quite upset" and "had to be consoled." At some point while the maid was being consoled by the other hotel workers, Mr. Strauss-Kahn walked out of his hotel room, down the hallway and onto the elevator. The official said Mr. Strauss-Kahn passed by the maid and the two made eye contact.

              Police discovered that Mr. Strauss-Kahn, was scheduled to get on a flight to Europe when he called the hotel and asked if he left one of his cell phones there. Up until his arrest, Mr. Strauss-Kahn, had been expected to declare his candidacy on the Socialist Party ticket and run against President Nicolas Sarkozy. A spokeswomen for the district attorney declined comment on the witness accounts. In court last week, prosecutor John McConnell said that the maid has "offered a compelling and unwavering story" and that she "made immediate outcries to multiple witnesses, both hotel staff and to police."


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                Guillaume Lavallee:

                NEW YORK, May 23, 2011 — Verses from the Qur'an were chanted in a little corner of Guinea in the heart of the Bronx, but all thoughts were on the titanic struggle looming for one of their own accusing the former IMF chief of trying to rape her. The accusation has raised complicated and conflicting emotions in the tight-knit Guinean community, where women who become victims of sexual assault are often shunned as damaged goods. There is also pride, however, that a Guinean woman of humble origins is seeking justice against one of the world's most powerful men, and has a hope of prevailing. "Whoever you are - and everyone knows who (Dominique) Strauss-Kahn is - you face the law like everyone else," said Boubacar Diallo, a community leader here.

                Strauss-Kahn has denied the sex assault charges against him, and media reports say private investigators he has employed are already digging into the woman's history in New York and her native Guinea. Prosecutors have said, however, that they are building a "strong" case against him. The 32-year-old employee at the Sofitel hotel normally spends her time among exiles from her West African nation, in streets near the mosque at the corner of Third Avenue and 166th Street. It is an enclave of African Muslims in a mainly Latino district. Some 100 ethnic Peul men from Guinea listened to an old man reading verses from the Qur'an as they sat in the red brick mosque - a converted factory with no minaret. Here to attend a wedding on the second floor of the Islamic center, they pulled out dollar bills as a gift for the couple, while their women tended to the children downstairs. Although her identity has been kept secret in the United States, everyone at the center knows the woman who told police she was attacked by Strauss-Kahn in the Sofitel suite where she was tidying up. The woman told police he forced her to perform oral sex and tried to rip off her clothes. Members of the Guinean community here in the Bronx suggest she is not the sort of woman to lodge a frivolous claim. "She is a humble person, a hard working person," said one man at the ceremony as he ate some of the wedding food spread out on a plastic sheet over the mosque carpet. "We don't know a lot about her, she is quite discreet."

                The alleged victim married in Guinea at the age of 17, but was widowed early in her marriage. She has a daughter who is now 15 and a sister who lives in the United States who helped her immigrate here. An older brother who lives in the U.S. Midwest is now in New York to help the woman whose accusations have forced Strauss-Kahn to quit as managing director of the International Monetary Fund and give up his ambitions to stand for the French presidency next year for the Socialist Party. Community leaders say they are now dealing with the brother. "In our culture, men work with men and women with women. If we have to go to someone, we go directly to the men," said Souleymane Diallo, president of Pottal Fii Banthal, a Peul community organization in New York. "I am sure that if the woman had the choice, this affair would not have been made public. In our community, it is as if she is damaged. If she has no husband it will be difficult, maybe impossible to get one. People know that she did not seek the publicity, but men do not want a woman who is marked," he added in his office behind the Jalloh Family restaurant, near the mosque. "It was a big shock for us when the news came out. People said: 'What has happened? Is it some kind of curse?' In Guinea this kind of thing happens, but not in the United States." Many Guineans left the country after mass rapes carried out by security forces in a stadium in the capital, Conakry, on September 28, 2009. "The difference between what happened in 2009 in Guinea and here is that this is a country of laws," said Diallo. For Algassimou Balde, "that is what makes this country so great."


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                    Matthieu Goar :

                    Lundi 23 Mai 2011 -- «Sais-tu qui je suis? Sais-tu qui je suis?» C’est ce qu’aurait déclaré Dominique Strauss-Kahn à la femme de chambre qui ne savait pas qui se trouvait dans la suite 2806, selon Fox News, qui s’appuie sur une source judiciaire. Sorti nu de sa salle de bains, Strauss-Kahn aurait commencé l'agression en touchant les seins de la femme de ménage. Toujours selon la chaîne d’information américaine, la femme aurait tenté de l’arrêter en appitoyant l'homme politique. «S’il vous plaît, non», aurait-elle dit à DSK. «Je ne peux pas perdre mon travail, j’en ai besoin. Je vais le perdre, s’il vous plaît.» DSK lui aurait alors répondu: «Ne t’inquiète pas bébé, tu ne vas pas perdre ton travail. Ne t'inquite pas. Sais-tu qui je suis? Sais-tu qui je suis»

                    Elle tombe en s'enfuyant

                    Ensuite, la femme de ménage a voulu effrayer Strauss-Kahn en prétendant que son manager était dans le couloir. Fox News affirme que DSK continuait alors à la presser dans le corridor de la suite. La femme de ménage aurait alors tenté de s’enfuir avant de glisser sur un journal et de tomber à genoux. C’est à ce moment-là que DSK l’aurait forcé à lui faire une fellation. Elle l'aurait alors repoussé contre une armoire. Le Français porterait une marque dans le dos, selon le site d’information. C’est à ce moment-là, que la jeune femme serait sortie et se serait réfugiée auprès de collègues en pleurant et crachant.


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                      Wendy J. Murphy, May 23, 2011:

                      Call me politically incorrect, but the idea that Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the recently dethroned head of the International Monetary Fund –– an organization that controls hundreds of billions of dollars, and lots of countries as a result –– had consensual sex with a hotel maid form West Guinea is preposterous. Charged with sexual assault and attempted rape, the man known as DSK isn’t saying much at the moment, but the minions, friends and spin docs are working full time to suggest the maid set him up, is a prostitute or some combination of both. Either way, the trial balloons are flying that the whole thing was her fault, totally consensual, and that Mr. Powerful was dominated by Ms. Disenfranchised. At least he’s not doing the Arnold dance: making up stories about how doing the nasty with the maid is a form of genuine affection. Strom Thurmond tried that one, too, when it came out that he impregnated his 16-year-old black maid. Even Thurmond’s BFFs couldn’t say with a straight face that there was something romantic going there. It’s not that people don’t have cross-racial and cross-class relationships that are loving, or that a “guy like that” wouldn’t choose a poor black maid for a hotel hook-up. It’s that, among all the possible explanations for what probably went on with DSK in that hotel room, the sinister prostitute-ish options are far less plausible than the far stronger likelihood that DSK was recovering from an overdose of Viagra and having a little alone time with himself when opportunity knocked –– and when he saw that opportunity was wearing a skirt, he pounced. That he skedaddled to the airport after the maid fled the room says plenty about whether the maid was having a good time.

                      Now that charges are filed, we have no choice but to sit back and listen to the defense shills spin nonsense about how the maid was a hooker (just watch the stories unfold about how many “West Guinea women in that area are prostitutes.” Blink your eyes, and the maid will be turned into a hooker, and then the PR types will say things like “you know what thosetypes of people are like.” And just watch the arrogant parade of apologists imply that dark-skinned women are insatiable and aggressive and that “regular guys” can’t be blamed for their actions when overcome by such sexual sirens. Blah blah blah. Let’s be honest for a minute before the whole thing becomes an international dog-and-pony show. Actually, “dog and pony” doesn’t quite make the point. For a guy with the power and influence of DSK, it will be more like a tsunami-and-tidal-wave show. Kobe Bryant’s defense tactics will seem downright gentle by comparison. At the moment, there’s a simple truth that says everything about why the maid will soon be destroyed in the press: DNA. When DNA proves that an act occurred and establishes who did it, there is only one defense: “She wanted it.” And in a case like this, where the maid reportedly suffered injuries, the “she-wanted-it” tactic will quickly devolve to the even more despicable “she-likes-it-rough” defense.

                      It’s also possible the whole vile story will go ‘poof’ now that DSK is out on bail. Even with an electronic bracelet and armed guards minding his every move 24/7, he is free enough to find a way to influence the maid to develop cold feet. Otherwise known as obstruction of justice, our legal system has amply demonstrated its willingness to turn a blind eye to pay-offs in sex-crime cases when the perpetrator is a man of wealth or influence. Embarrassing, I know. And with the whole world watching, such a result would surely diminish an already fading respect for the American legal system –– in decline since O.J. and picking up speed. It’s hard to know what would be worse: watching a million-dollar defense team destroy a vulnerable victim’s emotional well-being or watching a poor minority woman pocket a bundle of cash in exchange for her dignity and her truth. Here’s hoping that same inner strength and sense of morality that inspired her to call police will help her resist cash-driven efforts to make the case go away. Her friends say she is an honest woman of integrity. If so, she will understand that justice, like human beings, is not for sale.


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                        Mardi 24 Mai 2011 -- Depuis dix jours, Nafissatou Diallo reste une silhouette photographiée cachée sous un drap entre deux policiers new-yorkais. Mais, aujourd’hui, le profil de la femme de ménage du Sofitel de Times Square commence à se dévoiler. Des journalistes ont ainsi pu rencontrer une partie de sa famille dans son village natal de Thiakoullé en Guinée-Conakry. Un hameau isolé fait de cases et de rares habitations en dur où Nafissatou serait née il y a trente-deux ans et où elle a grandi au côté d’un père cultivateur qui avait deux épouses.

                        Aux Etats-Unis depuis une dizaine d’années

                        À Thiakoullé, un oncle et un demi-frère de la jeune femme se souviennent d’une fille «pas turbulente» qui a fréquenté un temps l’école coranique du village. Elle a ensuite quitté ce village retiré pour la ville de Labé à une petite centaine de kilomètres. Nafissatou aurait aussi vécu avec sa mère Adja Aïssatou Diallo à Ziguinchor au Sénégal. Mariée à 17 ans en Guinée, elle a ensuite donné naissance à sa fille avant de perdre rapidement son mari. C’est après ce drame qu’elle aurait décidé de rejoindre sa grande sœur Hassanatou, déjà installée à New York, en compagnie de sa fille. Ce départ pour les Etats-Unis remonterait à une dizaine d’années selon des proches et, depuis, Nafissatou n’aurait eu que de très rares contacts avec sa famille restée en Afrique. D’après sa mère, elle se serait remariée avec un Gambien l’année dernière et la cérémonie aurait été célébrée au Sénégal, à Ziguinchor.

                        Jusqu’ici, le seul membre connu de la famille de Nafissatou était un restaurateur du Bronx à New York qui s’était présenté comme son frère, multipliant les interviews. Or, celui-ci n’a apparemment pas de lien de parenté direct avec la jeune femme. Toutes ces incertitudes sur la personnalité et le passé de la femme de chambre du Sofitel commencent d’ailleurs à créer quelques tensions : un journal guinéen appelait hier «Nafissatou et sa famille» à «faire attention» : «La moindre contradiction avec leur notion de parenté peut être exploitée au bénéfice de DSK. Seul l’avocat de Nafissatou doit s’exprimer en son nom». Le journal guinéen soupçonne aussi des détectives américains d’accompagner des journalistes en Guinée «pour trouver un moyen de la discréditer».


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                          Mardi 24 Mai 2011 -- L'étau se resserre autour de Dominique Strauss-Kahn, désigné par son ADN. D'après NBC New York et le site de France 2, des sources policières confirment que du sperme retrouvé sur le chemisier de la femme de chambre du Sofitel correspond bien à celui de l'ancien patron du FMI, qui s'était volontairement soumis à des tests médicaux après son arrestation. Cette information impliquerait qu'un acte sexuel a bien eu lieu, mais ne permet pas de déterminer, à elle seule, s'il y a eu agression sexuelle.

                          D'autres résultats attendus

                          Selon les sources policières, trois prélèvements ont eu lieu dans les heures ayant suivi l'acte présumé, notamment sur le chemisier et la moquette de la chambre. Les résultats des deux autres tests ne sont pas encore connus. L'avocat de DSK, Benjamin Brafman, a refusé de commenter ces informations. Nafissatou Diallo, 32 ans, accuse Dominique Strauss-Kahn de l'avoir traînée jusqu'à la salle de bain où il l'aurait forcée à pratiquer une fellation. Le grand jury new-yorkais, qui a formellement inculpé Strauss-Kahn, a retenu sept chefs d'accusation, dont l'agression sexuelle et la tentative de viol, passibles de 25 ans de prison. «Depuis le début, les inspecteurs expérimentés du NYPD jugent crédible la version de la plaignante et rien depuis ne les a fait changer d'avis», a déclaré le porte-parole du New York City Police Department (NYPD), Paul Browne, interrogé sur les résultats des tests ADN.


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                            May 24, 2011 -- New York police have denied reports of finding DNA traces from Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the former IMF chief, on a maid's clothes. Investigators had so far given "no result and no information" about the DNA test results, they said on Tuesday, following news reports earlier that the DNA tests had given a positive result. A spokesman from the New York Police Department denied that the results from the genetic testing had been released. On Monday a spokeswoman from the prosecutor's office would not comment on the report saying there would be "nothing until the trial."

                            Strauss-Kahn, the former head of the International Monetary Fund, faces sexual assault charges over the alleged attack on the 32-year-old maid at a New York hotel earlier this month. He denies all charges and is currently on bail at a New York safe house. The Wall Street Journal and France 2 television channel had reported that Strauss-Kahn's DNA matched traces of semen found on the collar of the maid's shirt, quoting sources close to the investigation.

                            Strauss-Kahn's lawyers have not commented on the reports. Garo Ghazarian, a criminal defence attorney based in Los Angeles, California, cautioned that the DNA match in itself does not prove guilt. He noted that there are various explanations that could explain the presence of Strauss-Kahn's body fluids on the clothing, including a secondary transfer or a consensual sexual act. "He [was] a guest in the room, and she is an employee of the facility. DNA is bound to be present in that room belonging to both of these individuals, but to take that and assume that there [was] a non-consensual encounter – if there was an encounter, to begin with - is a rush to judgment, in my opinion, and a mistake," he told Al Jazeera. Ghazarian also noted what he said was the exceptional speed with which the DNA results had been delivered. "There is doubt in the [legal] defence community as to the quick turnaround of the so-called DNA evidence and the match that they've made in just a few short days," he said.

                            Strauss-Kahn, who is currently seeking a new home in New York while he awaits trial, has told his former staff how he is confronting a "personal nightmare." He has been rejected by one luxury residence because of his newfound notoriety and must soon leave his temporary apartment. Strauss-Kahn is currently staying at the Empire Building at 71 Broadway, where management has apologised to residents and said the new arrival would be gone by "early" this week. Charges that he attempted to rape and sexually assault the chambermaid on May 14 forced him to resign as head of the International Monetary Fund last week. They have also wrecked his chances of standing in next year's French presidential election, in which he was expected to be the Socialist Party's candidate.

                            Strauss-Kahn again denied the accusations in an email message sent to IMF staff on Sunday in which he expressed "profound sadness" at the way he left his $450,000-a-year tax-free post. "I deny in the strongest possible terms the allegations which I now face; I am confident that the truth will come out and I will be exonerated," he wrote. "In the meantime, I cannot accept that the Fund - and you dear colleagues - should in any way have to share my own personal nightmare. So, I had to go." Strauss-Kahn's next court appearance is scheduled for June 6, when he is expected to enter a formal plea. On Monday his lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, said his client would plead not guilty and that he was confident Strauss-Kahn would go free. The defence team has hired a posse of private investigators who, according to media reports, are already sifting through the 32-year-old accuser's personal history in New York and her native Guinea in West Africa. Prosecutors told Strauss-Kahn's bail hearing last week that they were also building a "strong" case in support of the accusations.


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                              May 24, 2011 -- Friends of alleged hotel sex fiend Dominique Strauss-Kahn secretly contacted the accusing maid's impoverished family, offering them money to make the case go away since they can't reach her in protective custody, The Post has learned. The woman, who says she was sexually assaulted by the disgraced former head of the International Monetary Fund, has an extended family in the former French colony of Guinea in West Africa, well out of reach of the Manhattan DA's Office. "They already talked with her family," a French businesswoman with close ties to Strauss-Kahn and his family told The Post. "For sure, it's going to end up on a quiet note." Prosecutors in Manhattan have done their best to keep the cleaning woman out of the reach of Strauss-Kahn's supporters, but the source was already predicting success for the Parisian politician's pals. "He'll get out of it and will fly back to France. He won't spend time in jail. The woman will get a lot of money," said the source, adding that a seven-figure sum has been bandied about.

                              While the DA's office has sequestered the maid - and is even monitoring her phone calls - her extended family lives in a village that lacks paved roads, electricity and phone lines. The average monthly income is $45, which is near-starvation, and some of her family members can't even afford shoes. They live so off-the-grid in a remote village that they didn't know the maid was allegedly nearly raped until reporters trekked to the village to inform them. The alleged victim, who lives with her 15-year-old daughter in The Bronx, came to the United States from Guinea several years ago after her husband died. She has received some financial help from her sister and brother-in-law living in New York. The DA's office has warned local family members not to accept calls from associates of Strauss-Kahn. Even without the maid's testimony, however, prosecutors claim they have plenty of damning evidence to prosecute Strauss-Kahn, including her videotaped statement, grand-jury testimony, statements from fellow hotel employees and semen samples found on the hotel room carpet.

                              Strauss-Kahn, 62, remains under house arrest in a pricey lower Manhattan pad secured by his billionaire wife, Anne Sinclair. He must wear a GPS-enabled ankle bracelet and have armed guards to prevent him from escaping. Meanwhile, in another development yesterday, it emerged that Strauss-Kahn allegedly shouted, "Do you know who I am?" as he assaulted the victim, according to a new report. "Don't you know who I am? Don't you know who I am?" Strauss- Kahn repeatedly inquired during the incident, according to Fox News. "Please, please stop. No!" she cried as he pinned her to the bed, law-enforcement sources said. "Please stop. I need my job, I can't lose my job, don't do this. I will lose my job. Please, please stop!" In a heartless reply, Strauss-Kahn, allegedly told her, "No, baby. Don't worry, you're not going to lose your job," sources said, adding that he again repeated, "Don't you know who I am?" While she begged him to stop, he allegedly pressed the attack, dragging her down the hall and forcing her to perform oral sex. The maid finally escaped by pushing him into a piece of furniture in the $3,000-a-night Sofitel suite, she said. Sources said that the Frenchman has a gash on his back where he hit the armoire and that blood was found on the sheets. Investigators also confirmed a DNA match between Strauss-Kahn and a semen sample found on the maid's shirt.

                              Meanwhile, Strauss-Kahn faces a deadline this morning to vacate the apartment at 71 Broadway where he's been under house arrest since he was sprung from Rikers on Friday. He is now hunting for a townhouse so he doesn't have to deal with belligerent co-op and condo boards, and has a $50,000 monthly budget, sources said. "He has been calling around, but no broker wants to work with him," a top broker said. "He wants to find a broker who will help secure a place for him with more privacy so he won't be harassed, and he is not particular about the neighborhood."


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                                Mardi 24 Mai 2011 -- L'Elysée, bien plus que les médias, n'ignorait rien de la vie privée de Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Le pouvoir, alimenté par ses relais dans la police, sait tout des secrets les plus intimes des hommes politiques, jusqu'à user des informations graveleuses dont il dispose. Ainsi, des proches de Nicolas Sarkozy avaient pris soin de laisser "fuiter" auprès du Monde, ces derniers mois, l'existence d'une note, rédigée peu avant la présidentielle de 2007, par un policier de la base. Quelques lignes signalant la présence de M. Strauss-Kahn, surpris en fâcheuse posture dans une voiture, à l'ouest de Paris, dans un haut lieu des rencontres tarifées, à l'occasion d'un banal contrôle. Sollicités, ni la Préfecture de police de Paris ni le ministère de l'intérieur n'ont souhaité confirmer – ou démentir – l'existence de cette note. Trois sources différentes ont pourtant assuré au Monde que ce rapport avait existé, et qu'il avait été porté à la connaissance de l'entourage de M.Sarkozy. Selon l'une de ces sources, l'original de cette note a été passé au broyeur. À l'époque des faits, il fut décidé, en haut lieu, de ne pas donner de suites à cette affaire sur le plan pénal – ou médiatique. Candidat malheureux à la primaire du PS fin 2006, DSK ne présentait pas alors le même enjeu pour le pouvoir. Et c'est en parfaite connaissance de cause que M. Sarkozy, une fois élu, le propulsa à la tête du Fonds monétaire international (FMI). Mais ces derniers mois, au fur et à mesure de la progression de DSK dans les sondages, des hommes de confiance de M.Sarkozy se sont vantés devant des journalistes de "tenir" le patron du FMI, dont ils menaçaient de révéler les frasques. C'est ainsi que cette note a refait providentiellement surface. Au même moment, le chef de l'Etat se posait en "moine trappiste", par opposition à la réputation de coureur de jupons de DSK.

                                C'est un fait : M.Sarkozy, depuis 2002, connaît certains aspects de la vie privée des personnalités susceptibles de présenter un jour un danger électoral. À son arrivée au ministère de l'intérieur, il a constitué une équipe de fidèles qui lui doivent tout. De Bernard Squarcini, patron de la Direction centrale du renseignement intérieur (DCRI), à Claude Guéant, ministre de l'intérieur, en passant par Alain Gardère, directeur adjoint du cabinet de ce dernier, ou Michel Gaudin, préfet de police de Paris, cette équipe est la mieux renseignée de France. Fin avril, DSK avait d'ailleurs identifié le danger, comme l'a rapporté Libération : son appétence pour les femmes, certes, mais surtout les méthodes supposées de M. Guéant, à l'origine selon lui de la propagation des rumeurs sur sa vie intime. De tout temps, la police a été l'instrument du pouvoir. Avant d'accéder à la présidence de la République, François Mitterrand, Jacques Chirac et Nicolas Sarkozy sont tous passés par la Place Beauvau. Lors de son retour à l'intérieur, en juin 2005, M.Sarkozy avait confié : "Je serai mieux protégé." De fait, il en profita pour retourner l'affaire Clearstream en sa faveur, et surtout placer ses hommes aux postes clés. L'une de ses premières mesures fut de renvoyer Gérard Dubois, un conseiller du préfet de police – chiraquien – Philippe Massoni, accusé de s'être répandu sur la liaison de son épouse de l'époque, Cécilia, avec Richard Attias. Il est vrai que les policiers, qu'ils appartiennent aux renseignements généraux (RG, désormais fondus dans la DCRI), à la sécurité publique, voire à la brigade de répression du proxénétisme, reçoivent des renseignements ultrasensibles. Ainsi, les patrons de boîtes échangistes ont pour coutume de signaler à la police – avec qui ils soignent leurs relations – la présence de personnalités politiques dans leurs soirées. Etablissement connu du centre de Paris où le libertinage se célèbre au quotidien, Les Chandelles ont ainsi inspiré plus d'un "blanc" (note sans en-tête ni signature) aux RG. Les services sont aussi capables d'aller creuser des détails incongrus : durant la campagne présidentielle de 2007, les RG planchèrent ainsi sur le coût de la garde-robe de Ségolène Royal…

                                Les renseignements les plus "utiles" remontent naturellement à l'Elysée. C'était déjà le cas sous d'autres présidences. Dans les années 1990, les RG enquêtèrent ainsi sur la vie privée de Bertrand Delanoë ou de Jack Lang. Des notes blanches furent même établies. Rien n'était étayé, mais plus d'un journaliste fut bénéficiaire de drôles de "tuyaux"… Etiqueté chiraquien, Yves Bertrand, patron des RG de 1992 à 2004, joua un rôle central dans ce dispositif. Mis en cause pour s'être intéressé à la vie intime des politiques, il assume ses enquêtes très "privées", se voyant même "réhabilité" par l'affaire DSK, qu'il qualifie de "victoire posthume" ! "Je ne sais rien de l'affaire du Sofitel, mais de manière générale, cela prouve qu'il est légitime de s'intéresser à la vie privée des hommes politiques. D'ailleurs, on me commandait parfois des enquêtes pour savoir si une personne pressentie au gouvernement avait des fragilités", dit-il. L'un de ses principaux interlocuteurs était Claude Guéant. "Lorsqu'il était directeur de la police (1994-1998) puis du cabinet du ministre (2002-2004), je lui rendais compte de tout. Il notait ce que je lui rapportais, y compris les éléments privés, dans des petits cahiers", affirme-t-il. M. Guéant avait pourtant assuré en 2008 à Mediapart : "Concernant des éléments de vie privée relatifs à des personnalités, il n'en a jamais été question dans nos discussions." Arme de déstabilisation – ou de dissuasion – contre un adversaire menaçant, la "police des mœurs" sert, parfois, à défendre le président. La DCRI a ainsi mobilisé ses forces en 2010 pour savoir d'où provenaient les ragots sur le couple présidentiel. Suspectée, Rachida Dati fut mise sous surveillance. Même les plus fidèles des sarkozystes ne sont pas à l'abri de cette mécanique extrêmement efficace.


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