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Bush faces intelligence crisis as senior CIA officials resign

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  • Bush faces intelligence crisis as senior CIA officials resign
    There has been lots of resignations in the Bush administration lately.
    Perhaps his former supporters are getting fed up.
    I wonder how long before it's his turn to be impeached.

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    Azul DV,

    True, two of the most experienced employees at the Clandestine Bureau have resigned but this is the CIA and they have no lack of succession.
    Bush impeached? Are you kidding me? With Republican majority in the senate and the house in addition to the events of 9/11 where he received the green light to act as he pleased he will never be impeached. This is a country at war.


    PS: Deputy Secretary OF State (Armitage) has also resigned.


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      Hello MM...

      Yes i've heard of Armitage's resignation also.
      When the majority of Republican voters are also supporters of the Christian Coalition of America (Which Bush also supports) then it is obvious he's unlikely to be impeached.
      It would embarrass the entire coalition.

      But it would be fun to watch the impeachment process if it ever happens.
      I bet Clinton will be glued to his tv set also.


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        Azul DV,

        I really respect Clinton for having that thing with Monica in the Oval Office. I mean come on think about it for a second…………….That was so funny. Yesterday he had his library open worth 160 million $$$$$$$$$. All living presidents were there for the opening. He is a bright guy. T.C.


        PS: Let’s forget about that Christian coalition who are opposing stem research even if it has been proven that it can cure diseases and save lives.


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          ~ SALAM BOYZ ~

          ~ MM ~

          How can you respect Clinton ?

          wonder what the readers are thinking having read his book on the way he handled his affair with Monica Lewinsky.

          Take care


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