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  • Tigger on the couch

    Remember those adorable characters you spent your childhood with? Well now it's time to see them in a different light! 'Tigger on the Couch' is a highly amusing take on self-help and psychological disorders, providing an insightful and astute analysis of our favourite characters' mental health issues, and asking how they shaped our ideas about love, life, inner peace and good mental health. Imagine the transformation in Tigger's life if he'd received anti-hyperactivity drugs. If Beauty had told her therapist about her relationship with the Beast, she would have been diagnosed as co-dependant. Winnie the Pooh had addiction issues (remember the lengths he'd go to for his honey fix) and the Wizard of Oz was undoubtedly a narcissist. Packed with hilarious yet decidedly accurate and probing case studies, this book gradually unveils the neuroses, psychoses and disorders plaguing our beloved childhood characters. Get an insight into the character's traits, diagnosis and theoretical treatment programme, and learn more about yourself and your loved-ones through ten-point exercises. So sit back and find out what your favourite character says about you, and how they would have been treated if they had traded the Hundred Acre Wood for a spell in the Priory.

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    HAHAAHAHHAHA!! i wonder what's eeyore's story - even in the children's books he's still on crack


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