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NAZA-Was The Apollo Moon Landing Fake?

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    hi sister amina

    u said it's true , then , which thing make u sur that it happenned ?


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      Originally posted by abdulmismail

      Just to reiterate one more time, I did not say that I do not believe Humans did not go to the moon. I just entertain the fact that they may not have gone. Based on my lessons at ISU in Human Physiological Effects of Human Spaceflight (my lecturer was Salyut 7 Cosmonaut, Dr. Oleg Atkov) I came to the initial conclusion that the radiation doses from the Van Allen belts were a bit too high for the human body to handle. But, that's just my initial conclusion and it doesn't mean that I'm right.
      Fair enough, Abdul.

      You know, this "fake moon landing" stuff has come up on just about every discussion board I've ever visited and it's always good for a few pages of entertainment.


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        Originally posted by humble_man
        hi sister amina

        u said it's true , then , which thing make u sur that it happenned ?
        Hey, Didn't you see the picture she posted...isn't it a sufficient proof?? I can even guess that it was in the early 90s


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          Trust in the 'sources' of information

          I think the reasons so many of these conspiracy theories emerge, is because the US government is not trusted to tell the truth.

          But....we have to place some 'reliance' in the rational higher intelligence of the scientific method, or we revert back to the lower intelligence emotional state of superstition (fear of predators and threats of the environment).

          The scientific method is what has lifted us from the sphere of animals. We try to control our environment (e.g. steel cage buildings to be earthquake proof), we cure our bodies of certain ailments (improving all the time), we have a greater 'knowledge' because of this.

          I am saddened that the ignorant people of the US are the ones the rest of the world seems to notice the most. No-one seems to take much notice of the highly intelligent, diligent, knowledgable people of the US who drive forward the frontiers of the human experience.

          Perhaps it is necessary for the charlatans to exist to provide the balancing environment for the others to flourish. I don't know. But I do know that I personally have huge respect and admiration for the engineers, scientists, medical doctors etc. all of whom have made their contribution to lift mankind out of the 'emotional jungle', whether they be from the US or from elsewhere.


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            Originally posted by Bilderbooger
            You are quite correct, Sania. While speculating about it can be very entertaining, I wonder about supposedly "educated" people who actually take these kooky conspiracy theories seriously. Maybe they're just jealous of the fact that Americans went to the moon first.
            Sometime back I read a book which claims,with scientific proof(sic),
            that the Egyptian Pyramids, the Sphinzx,the Stone Henge,
            the massive stone statues in an island in the Pacific,
            the Chinese wall, the strange geometrical markings on rocks extending upto miles
            are all done by extra-terrestrial beings who visited and keep visit the earth.

            It made really interesting readings.
            While reading that, you feel that there could be an element of plausibility in the theory.

            Get a copy and read it!


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              The ancients knew about geometry for a long time. They used it in Nubian construction for thousands of years before modern history.

              I think humanity has a primitive genetic code (hard wired in our DNA) to attribute the 'unknown' to outside 'agents'. This would serve to cause 'fear' to protect us from predators. i.e. we sense a predator (outside agent) and instinctively we instantly fear it, causing an emotional fight or flight response.

              The reasons humans can 'rationalise' is because we can 'imagine' hypothetical, theoretical or alternative situations, and thus 'evaluate' them in an imaginary way. But we have to test them in the 'real world' many times to ensure that they are 'true' under those conditions, at those points in time.

              This also causes us to 'fear' or believe in 'imaginary' outside 'agents' such as supernatural beings, Gods, aliens, etc....that might pose a threat, as it is better to be safe than sorry.

              So it is our imagination that both expands and limits our intelligence. The way to overcome the 'intellectual' limitations of the imagination, is to ......rationalise and understand it. The scientific method is the best way we have devised for this so far.......


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                What ever you do, don't tell astronaut Buzz Aldrin he didn't go to the moon:


                Bart Sibrel, a conspiracy theorist who believes that NASA faked the moon landing, confronted retired astronaut Buzz Aldrin on September 9, 2002.

                "You're a coward," he exclaimed, "and a liar, ..."

                At that point, Aldrin (age 72) landed a spirited punch to Sibrel's jaw.

                The Los Angeles County District Attorney's office has declined to file charges.


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                  hi phaly , i didn't see the pic before lol cause it didn't download correctely

                  nice pic amina lol


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                    Didn't get to read the whole thread yet!

                    It's a subject that came up ages ago! but still interesting!


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                      hi guys,
                      i did not properly follow this topic, but i remember having watched a documentary on this. the investigation has found interesting things,including the points u all mentioned. so all what i wanted to add is that they actually showed a region in the texas desert where the land has exactly (really exactly) the same cavities seen on the moon footage back that time. scientists have compared a film of this land in texas, when they slightly changed the light to make it darker, and the film from the moon video inthe sixties, the results were amazing, identical cavities at identical locations and with identical sizes. this was a new proof that NASA might have filmed the fake landing in that land. when the reporters tried to ask NASA to have authorisation to film further lands in that area, NASA has strongly disapproved, and denied them any right to film anything in those lands, surprising reaction.
                      i do not believe that they went to the moon for a very simple and basic reason: if they did go, they would go again! although the MARS mission is a more attracting thing, i think that the moon is much more interesting, and if they had access to the moon, they would have been sending people there for years now! how can the technology in the sixties be more advanced and can even allow people to walk on the moon? how can t now do that? with all the knowledge and equipments we have!
                      technology is power,and i guess the enemy in the sixties was the Russians, so walking on the moon is a good reason to win the war, but now, the technology ennemy is europe. there s a huge competition with europe, so how come europe couldnt land on Mars, and how come the US didnt go back to build some kind of military point in the moon as it did with all the strategic points on earth.
                      the US has lied about many things in the life sciences advances, so i wouldnt be surprised if it did lie about this too.
                      either way, god bless Goerge Bush, he taught the world the ART of LIES
                      Miss NinaGucci says: The Grass is Always Greener on The Other Side Of the Fence


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