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Algeria earthquake 'kills four' in Laalam, Bejaia

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  • Algeria earthquake 'kills four' in Laalam, Bejaia

    An earthquake measuring 5.0 has killed at least four people and injured 36 others in Algeria, reports say.
    However, one eyewitness said that seven people had been killed, Algerian radio reported in its evening bulletin.

    Some 30 houses are said to have collapsed in the town of Laalam in the province of Bejaia, about 300km (190 miles) east of the capital, Algiers....

    Algeria earthquake 'kills four'

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    Magnitude 5.0 - NORTHERN ALGERIA


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      ...Its epicentre was situated near the town of Kherrata, between Bejaia and Setif (260km and 300km from the capital respectively)....


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        Inna lilahi wa inla rajioun.


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          too sad I didn't hear about until now.

          Allah yerhamhom.


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            Allah yarhemhoum weywessa3 3lihoum. Heard two of them were of the same family

            I just called home and they told me they felt it in Bejaia city but it wasn't as strong as the one of Boumerdes


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              rabi yarhamouhom!!!!


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                Too bad and sad news...

                The tremor on Monday evening triggered the collapse of
                about 30 buildings in and around the village of Laalam in the province of Bejaia,
                300 km (190 miles) east of the capital Algiers, the radio reported.
                The dead children were aged 5, 9, and 13.

                It was the deadliest tremor to have struck the earthquake-prone
                North African country since a 2003 quake in Boumerdes,
                northern Algeria, killed 2,300 people, injured more than 10,000 and made
                at least 100,000 homeless


                I can remember that a 2003 quake in Boumerdes,northern Algeria.
                Just then
                my friend who is living in Bouzareah in Alger
                got in touch to me.
                He said
                that there was a fairly strong earthquake shook
                in here yesterday,
                and we felt sevral time aftershooks.

                Our Japanes ppl have been experienced many times too.
                Anyway, the earth is strange recently, I think.


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                  May Allah have mercy on his servants and their familes!

                  "Inna Li Lahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Raji3oun "


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                    algeria has such bad luck.


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                      Originally posted by HOUDA-K
                      Inna lilahi wa inla rajioun.
                      Please Look how I wrote it!
                      your saying would be ..We belong To Allah and we're not returning...!!!?


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                        Ya Nightmare, stop it now, will you? u know it's a typo and your last post is irrelevant in this thread


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                          wESH MIN 3YEB GOLET YA KHOYA WELLA 3DOOYA

                          Use a bit of sense !
                          Inna Li Lahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Raji3oun!
                          I was Sincere About That!
                          Yallah Ithalla wetlab Salama !


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                            Originally posted by phylay
                            Ya Nightmare, stop it now, will you? u know it's a typo and your last post is irrelevant in this thread
                            To be fair, you have to point out mistakes like that, even though they are just mistakes. Leaving them like that can have serious implications. For example, when you are writing the Quran and you make a mistake, you can't leave it like that, its very wrong. I understand what you are saying phylay that is just an innocent mistake but it has to be corrected.


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                              Salam Tony stark!
                              Ellah ye3teek seha khooya!
                              Innama El A3malo binniyaat!
                              That is exactly my point!
                              It could even have other consequences for the poster and the reader..but this is an other issue.
                              misunderstanding is our lack of love ,i say Our..
                              KHOYA THANK YOU AGAIN .Fee Amani LAH


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