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Guantanamo film 'gets US release'

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  • Guantanamo film 'gets US release'

    There's one thing showing this film outside the US but I wonder what the effect of this film will be within the country that is responsible for Guantanamo.

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    I saw this documentary/movie on Sunday (and finished it off yesterday). I'm not surprised to see what the US was doing to these people, it's what I've come to expect from it. I definitely recommend this to everyone, to see what the US Army really does to 'prisoners.'

    However, I have one question, what were they doing in Afghanistan ? That part was never explained properly. They said they went to help but in what way ?


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      They went to Afghanistan to kick Taliban out of power, Destroy Al Qaida training camps, and hunt down Bin Laden and his disciples. This was the last time I checked


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        I'm referring to the 3 Pakistani's from Birmingham. Unless, they went for those reasons too.


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          The Director didn't ponder over this issue, Tony. I recall they had some time on their hands so the Imam in Pakistan suggested that they go to Afghansitan to assist with helping the poor but when they got to Kabul, there was nothing to do - so they decided to leave but by then, the military campaign had started and they ended up getting captured by the Americans.


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