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    My friend told me about this forum few days ago and she seems to like it and has asked me to check it out. Here I am my name is Nasser and I am originally from Yemen. I live in San Diego in California and i am an Engineer. I like to live peacefully I am 32 years old and graduated from the University of Santa Monica. My grandfather left yemen long time ago. Unfortunately I never had the chance to visit Yemen. We have a relatively large Yemeni community in California but I enjoy talking to all Arabs Especially from African countries. I would like to join this group and discuss issues. I am also a member of few other interesting forums which i may introduce to you here one day. Thanks. Nasser.

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    Second Thoughts

    After a second thought and going through randon checking on correspondences i found many aggression and hate in here. You people talk about love and few days later you start shouting at each other and insulting each other. You seem to be very intellegent all of you ( I am not judging so dont get me wrong and start shouting at me)but also you seem to be very frustrated or depressed. I find that very strange. However, the forum is extremely different and worth watching from time to time. I would like to see some serious conversations and hopefully some love in here. lookk around you, read the news, watch TV, it is all depressing enough so why do you want to add to it, i just cannot understand. There are few names in here that seem to create problems all the time and start something wrong all the time. Those need to re-think their posts. Or this may be the harmony of the group and that is the ways members behave in here. I just dont know.

    Correct me if i am wrong please.


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      Welcome Nasser,

      No, not really people in here are all nice...because it is so quiet, we try to put some spices...
      the fights are passion see, the Algerian have deserted their own are we just trying to get them back...only fights can be else could you ever heard of us ?

      Now that you are a Yemenite you ve got to open a song section for us, we are all ears... as you happen to come from the Yemen Assaed wich gave birth to the best voices there are in the Arabian penninsula...crazy about the voice...
      please, some serenading to content my heart...Mohamed Abdou please, please, we will talk about love later...

      Taashako el oudni quabla al ayne ahyanan...

      (in my case daeman ) crazy about the voice


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        TO TAMY:

        Mohamed Abdu happens to be one of my favorites as well, but i like Abu Bakr Salem more, especially when you are in the right mood, when we gather for sheesha we prefer Abu Bakr (do you know him) very strong voice. Abdo is good, he comes from a nearby town called Jizan which happens to be under the control of Saudi, you should listen to his latest tape, very nice, a mixture of his old songs and one new one. I know he comes to Europe every year for live concerts, may be if you are in Europe you can attend one, and listen to his voice directly, i wish i can do that one day.
        Regarding the forum, that was my first impression, and i did not like the tone of people, anyhow, we shall wait and see, but i take your word for it that there are good and nice people in here, i will re-assess my first impression later. It is late at night now in SD, but the weather is amazing, yesterday i watched unfaithful on DVD, just been released, and gash, the movie is just great, have you seen it, Richard GEre was just great, i don't like the guy much really, but the way he performed was astonishing.
        Tomorrow is a beach day, we go to this place called mission bay, very nice, one day if you have the chance to come to South California, you should check it out, Few yemenis will be with me, we are planning some BBQ and SHEESHA, you should see the Americans when they see us smoking it, they thinkit is HASH or something, and many ask for a trial.

        Well, i will continue to check this place from time to time, and i hope i find something interesting.

        Alsalam Alaykum Warahmatu allah wa barakatu.


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          Nasser stay here

          Nounou, stay here and talk to me...guy I like you.
          What do you mean Abu baker Salem ? I swear by him I taught no one in here knew him...are you going to chew Qaat ? I d love to join you...California ? heinnn... not so much... I like San Diego a bit... but Europe is the land of romance... come here I ll show you the sites... you ll never leave this continent again...Nasser, Nasser give me the Lyrics I am already high

          Abu baker salem you said ? Boy you got me flying...

          Nasser stay here and talk to me.... i am mad about the voice !!!

          We had him in a private party... girls only in Kuweit some years ago he sang all night we burried him under thousands of dinars...those were the good days...before Evils & Satan took over the good people place...alas,

          Crazy about the voice, Salam Nasser...
          ps: Sing to me...Yemeneyatt


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            Cool, i don't chew qatt actually, i think it is disgusting, i like you too, although spending thousands of dinars in one night is unbelievable for a guy like me, may be this is my annual earning for god sake, but i have heard such stories before, why do people do something like that, the only reason i can think of is that they have billions of dinars spare, so a couple of thousands is nothing, what do you think?, I liked Europe alot, my favorite spots were Andalucia in Spain and Southern France, I did not like the UK, I dont know why, you know i am a frist impression person, that is wrong i know, but something in me did not like London, i loved Madrid, I wish i can retire one day in Spain, or may be Portugal.
            Hey, Once i was with a punch of guys in Washington DC and Aseel, the son of ABu Bakr Salem, was there doing his studies, and we had a night i will never forget, the gus sings well, when his mood is right. that was cool, i wish i can write arabic in here, my PC does not support it. I express my feelings much better in Arabi, besides it is a good practice cause i tend to forget the language unless i practice.
            You seem to be smart, and nice. good to know you.




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              Oh Nasser oh

              What can I say ? Boy you ve got class !!! Not only you know my favorite singers, you like the south of France...

              I am in Cannes now I wish I can record this for you...who want America ? When you visit the Riviera ...Spain is also nice... but here is paradise...they said Allah has created this place to give us a glimse of what heavens must be like if things go right for us...

              I dont like Qaat either... but I have a story to share with you later

              You are right about the money...but that was not me i was a guest of this princess... who has money like rice...she really & truly buried him under a mountain of Kuweti dinars...we danced, screamed and sang... shame it was girls only...

              Yes easy comes easy goes but these people do a lots of good
              You should come in here and see what wealth means...oh it is mind boggling...
              I wish I was Shebah the queen... I ll make you Souleiman the magnificient... until we realise that dream... salam Nasser Allah hafez
              Crazy about the voice always, tamy


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                You have got class too, i am sure, dont tell me you like the sea too, i just adore it, anything to do with sea, i love, just watching it is a relief, talking to waves is relaxing, seeing the thin line at the end of the horizon is inspiring, thinking about the world under the waters is stimulating, sea food is my favorite, water sports is what i do, i play waterpolo, i swim like a fish, and i dive like a dolphin, i love the sea, i just love it. I dive, till the oxygen truly run off, do you understand me?

                I have visited Cannes before, i stayed at the Carlton, but changed my mind a day later, i wanted something real, that was artificial, and the scenes around me annoyed me, i went to a place called The Marina, small aprtments outside Cannes, the crowd was much better, and i spent a month there, I loved an arab girl there then, and i travelled all the way to see her in Cannes, life passed by , we got separated, and on a flight to NY a couple of years ago, i saw her with her Husband, i laughed Tamy, You know, their body language told me that she was not happy, they walked apart, and they never talked, and to my amusement, we had an eye contact, i smiled, and she cried, i never said a thing, never, oh god, god bless her and make her happy inshallah.

                Well, speaking of voices, i think the right voice for a city like Cannes is Abdulhaleem Hafiz really, especially if you riding an Audi TT convertable in a nice Rivera morning, wow, why do i say all this to you, i am dreaming i guess, it is very late in here, and i gotta go to bed, i have a long day tomorrow, you have a good time there yourself, talk to you soon. Salam from Nasser.


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                  Nasser Nasser Nasser

                  Oh man what are you saying ? You like the sea too...I am in heaven you are my perfect forum companion...I dont surf but i am mad about those guys surfing channel is one of my favorite ...I like to watch the race in Biarritz as I have never been to Hawai or Australia i think there is where the real action is...I love the waves nothing makes me more serene or calm my soul like the sound of waves washing the shores...boy we ve got so much in can this be ? I see you know the Riviera very well...we are not staying at the Carlton but at the Magestic facing the palais du festival...where the films get selected every year...The Carlton is where we go for aperitives before dinner, then in the middle of the night for stars gazing...people like to watch other people and gossip...I go for long walks on the croisette it is heavenly beautiful, chic and nice...The place you stayed in is more closer to Nice it is called Marina Bay des Anges...( Angels bay Marina ) well what more can you need ? As for your story with that girl it has moved me to you are strong I would have find an excuse and talk to her just to find out the sound of her voice did it change ?
                  Men are more tough or has self control we women show too much our could she fight the tears ? They just start rolling down your I havent got that car it is a rental Benz courtesy of Hertz...but the Arabs boys in here are something else they drive some Austin Martin cost millions ( La gonda ) sapphir bleu with white leather inside Khaliji music in full blaze...the French look dazzled and wispers envy but can do nothing as these are their best clientele & good spenders it is a god send for this country economy ... As for Abdel Halim yes he is very nice I also like Farid with his Oud... Ya Hababybi ya ghaybin Wahsheeni.... I dont like that new one he is such a show off Amro diab.... oh what can I say ? There are many singers who just makes my heart melt , my tears burn my cheeks and take me to dreams land that it takes me a while before i get back in here what they call reality..alas,... Please take a rest have a peaceful night , sweet dream and be in a good shape tomorrow ... have a good swim I ll be with you in spirit Allah hafez...crazy about the voice always, tamy


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                    TAMY TAMY TAMY

                    Here i am, slept for three hours and woke up, i guess that is it for the night, i read some quran, sorat Yaseen, and sorat Luqman, that made me feel good.

                    In my adventure trip to Australia, i loved a place called Surfers Paradise at the Gold Coast, the great barrier reef is diver's paradise, there are few small islands there, you know when the only thing you can hear is the sound of the waves and some birds, nothing around, in the middle of the ocean, boy, a person really needs that sometimes.

                    I know the place you mentioned in Cannes, and i cannot forget the crytal waters, and the walks down that street with all the Cafe's...and are the Khalijis still listenng to their music louds? hehehe, boy, those people have so many complications and a little to offer, i have always wondered how that great wealth have damaged their brains, of course i am not generalizing, am sure there are some descent people, but i watch CNN and i know that their countries are in deep **** economically and politically and here they are showing off in the streets of cannes, no offense please if you are one of them, i said am sure there are some good people around. But becasue that particular segment have little brains they only have this money to spent around unwisely so they attract people's attension. Regarding the tourism season in France, i dont think that Khalijis add much value because they are minority compared to the rich Europeans and Japanese that come there. Anyway, we shall wait and see where the world ends and see what will happen to those people.

                    Allow me to say few words about you, you sound like a very sensitive person, extremely intellegent and highly educated, and above all, focused and well oriented, well done, you should be proud. I like your ideas and how you present them, I have lived a very interesting life myslef, like a roller coaster, i have seen wealth and poverty, love and cheating, happiness and sadness, pain and laughter, i have been stabbed in the back, i have discovered what sacrifise means, i have invested in people, and saw my investment growing, i never stopped learning and the more i knew the less i needed from life, and got hungry for more knowledge, oh god, a tapre of memories just passed by, alhamdulillah ala kul hal,
                    Listen, i like your class and your style, and am glad we met. Alsalam from Nasser.


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                      Hello breeze from heaven

                      It was about time...this forum was getting boring I was flirting whith the idea of starting a dance thread wich i was going to call "lets rock & roll" I had difficulties finding good partners to match my moves & style...

                      Now I am glad I dont need to go a head with that...

                      I am going to start swimming classes with you...

                      Would you kindly accept me as a private student?

                      If yes...can you please open a thread and call it Lets swim...

                      I cannot wait to have my breath taken away by a maitre-nageur ( swimming coach )

                      See you a la plage later I am going for a change...
                      to put on my new maillot I just bought yesterday on a day
                      trip shopping in Italy... one piece Turquoise it is a good occasion for me to
                      wear it for my first lesson with you on the beach

                      p.s. many things to share... I ll keep that talk for when we dive under the waves...I ll tell you tales you will think we are much in common, indeed... I am dazzeled

                      [Edited by Tamy on 24th August 2002 at 04:14]


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                        First of all Algeria its not an Arab country and Algerians are not Arabs, the algerian arabic language its a mixture of "berber, arabic and french".
                        We natives of Algeria and of North Africa are "AMAZIGH" people with our own history,language and culture.
                        I still dont get it!! if your are not Algerians, what the hell are you doing in this forum.

                        To the NEW GUY, sorry I think you got the wrong site, there are no Arabs on this forum, only people who dont belong anywhere.
                        Do yourself a favour, keep your distance from this lot, they are poison. And no wonder why most Algerians deserted it.


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                          Hey Massi

                          Allow me to ask as an enquiring mind would like to know. Where have you learned your history ? At school or while reading comments on a Mc Donald's cheesburger wrapping ?

                          You are an idiot, Massi and I will not even push my curiosity as far as asking how old you are. If it is a fight you want, I am about to offer you one you will remember all the way to your grave.

                          By joining this forum, you have thus assumed the responsibility to interact with a group of intellectuals with the mental firepower to blast idiots like you out of the water.

                          If indeed most Algerians have deserted this forum, what are you doing here ? I find you agressive and I am offended by your remarks. Know that I will not stand by while a moron like you entertains the illusion he can drop by and lecture us about issues he clearly knows very little about.

                          As Inspector Callahan of the famed San Francisco Police Department would say : " A man has got to know his limitations. The question is : do you feel lucky ? Do you, punk ? Go ahead. Make my day "

                          [Edited by Nabil777 on 24th August 2002 at 22:41]


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                            TO MESSY

                            I did not mis-spell your name, may be you have learnt your history lessons at the mechanic shop, or the barber shop, I totally agree with Mr. Nabil ( good to meet you my friend). However, i can sense stupidity, anger, jeoulousy, and frustration in you. There are few self-help books around you can use, or may be all what you need is to get a life. Besides, you are missing the point here, freedom, intellectual discuusions, exchanging views, and learning have no specific land, forum or site. I feel really sad when i observe people like you. May allah help you ( Allah is our God in arabic countries "at least most of us")


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                              One more comment Massi

                              What seems to be the true nature of your problem, Massi ? Was the sight of a man and a woman exchanging cute and intelligent comments too much for your sorry ass to bare ?

                              I suggest you start with the basics if you wish to propel your skills to higher grounds and here is lesson # 1 : take a bath. You stink, man !


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