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    jetty sweety

    Can you get back in here...where did we left it ??? Oh yes smoking, drinking and serenading...tell me what you had and also your favorite movie lately...what type of girl you go do you think i that you can see through my soul...hit me back...


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      What a fantastic thread, i have travelled the world,encountered amazing characters (and some completely ignorant ones too )heard brilliant songs and moving poems,listened to ongoing race debates and ever-important lucky numbers...all in 5minutes..superb,keep it up guys!

      'He who heard the truth in the morning might die content in the evening.'(Confucious)..


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        Hi Kendra

        Oh what you missed ? I just droped by to let you know all the news in our SH&K. I saw the new guy romancing Tamy, I was over the moon. I ignored the fight and called for philosophy, I wrote a poem, I paid for the fuel. Oh I must admit the new guy did fool us all. Believe it or not I just taught I have landed a new job and started to fill the application for a swimming coach assistant. Tamy said she could not dive. I love diving So I could do with a duel career. Oh what happened to us oh...LOL


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          Re: philosophy

          Originally posted by KANGA
          Good? Evil? Nobody cares living in " The void"

          Would Socrates Help ? Is philosophy what Algeria need ?
          Ailing, buffeted, seemingly lost in a new world it is neither created nor chose, this country suffers most
          fundamentally, the wise man suggests, from a failure to
          ask itself some fundamental questions. Questions like:
          Who we are? What is our place in an inhuman universe?
          what is good? What is evil ? Those in the education system
          see that philosophy classes are deserted, there is a vacum
          I feel philosophy should fill. I personally blame someone
          in the old colonial country called Jean Marie Le Pen he is
          a dirty old man who spread his poison everywhere. That his
          whims are catered to on such a scale, quietly, efficiently.
          Speaking of the void, it recurs in the wise man research.
          the people have been feeling this for a very long time and
          their number is increasing by the minute it is called :
          "A vague sense of emptiness", as he put it -"a void in the
          heart", He adds "that neither school nor society can fill"
          it is not that there are no philosophers in Algeria.
          Has philosophy nothing to say about it? Is philosophy that
          is mute on such a subject genuine philosophy send truants
          back to school, elbow our animal appetites out of the foreground, substitute the reign of truth for the reign
          of vested interests ? I magine Socrates, who flourished in
          the fourth-century B.C. Athenes, threading his way through
          our modern marketplaces, interrupting our
          pursuit.......and other distractions with his stubborn
          and relentless talk about" the good " Would we listen to
          him ? Would we know what on earth he was talking about ?
          I am right in indentifying the problem, but surely wrong
          to confine it to Algeria. The wired, globalized, instant-
          gratification world of 21st century is in proportion to
          its education level, the most unphilosophical civilisation
          in history. It may be in more need than it knows of a Socrates gadfly.

          [Edited by KANGA on 26th August 2002 at 08:14]
          Saha ftourkoum



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            Oh Kanga,

            I wish Socrate was here or more terre a terre the philosophers of today i love soller and B H levy. This place need people like your beautiful self and some others in here. We need more of this to read please do me a big favour sis and keep posting. I wish you open a thread on it as it was on that awful new guy thing i had to dive and fish it...this kind of lecture should be read over and over again. In here you have some bitter and very nasty people with nothing to do but stir troubles.. as if Algerian & Moroccan were not brothers and sisters, as if the Kabyles and Arabs were not brothers and sisters and never had problem until the outsiders start brain washing some weak souls and a very small minority..this is a fact and the divide to rule still alive and well it is for us as mature and responsable people not to fall into their traps. Algeria is one country and shall remain so for eternity people of all ethnecity and confession are together and united against the corrup goverment and the fat cats as you very well put it..Algeria and Morocco are neighbours with relatives in each country and people are unitied despite the king or the president who thrives on plotting on their respectives people. So for strangers and foreigners to come here and talk garb i say get a life !!!!

            Saha ftourkoum



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