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Cherry blossom time in Japan

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  • Cherry blossom time in Japan

    One would think Eishin Murakata has a pleasant, relaxing job. In springtime, he strolls every day to the same cherry tree in central Tokyo and gazes up at the boughs. When he spots a full bud on the verge of blossoming, he carefully snaps a photograph:

    But Murakata is on edge. As an employee of Japan's Meteorological Agency, his annual quest is to determine the official opening of Tokyo's hallowed cherry blossom season — and this year the competition is closing in.

    "I have to look very carefully so I won't miss anything," he said one recent afternoon as he examined the agency's main benchmark tree at a Tokyo shrine. "Our mission is so important I don't have time to enjoy the flowers when we spot them."

    The cherry blossom is the ultimate emblem of Japanese culture. Delicate, elegant and ephemeral, the pink flowers have inspired poets, philosophers and even soldiers for centuries — and served as an aesthetic pretext for all-out parties under the trees.

    So it's easy to imagine the outrage among the super-punctual Japanese last year when the Meteorological Agency predicted the blossoms would open four days earlier than they actually did — triggering a wave of angry calls for greater accuracy....

    Blossom forecasting is crucial in Japan

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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Al-khiyal


    Assalam aleykum

    How are you doing,Al-khiyal ?

    Really thank you that you edited about Japanese cherry blossom's season .
    I 'm very very glad.
    And You also have a great interest in views by Japan.

    Now,here the cherry trees are not in full bloom.
    They are still covered with buds .
    The cherry trees will come into full bloom
    at the end of this month around here , I guess.

    Anyway, spring is the tourist season,
    there are many foreign tourists.
    I hope that you will come over to Japan in near future.
    I'll take you here and there ,Al-khiyal
    I think that I'll be attach cherry's pictures
    that I have taken last spring.
    When I will take photo in this year,
    I'm gonna show you and everyone , again.
    I'm gonna edit for own homepage,too.

    Salam all and Al-khiyal
    In sha allah


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      w/salam ya sakuracat,

      I am well al 7amdulillah, o-genki desu ka?

      Japan is a country with a very rich culture and it would be a good thing to visit it some day, insha'allah.

      It would be nice if you could share with us some of your own photographs of the cherry blossoms, I look forward to seeing you post some.

      gambatte, sayonara,

      fi aman Allah


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