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    hello all salaam aleikum, salut, azul, or what have you...
    i know some other people may have asked this same question,
    but is travel to algeria safe these days? i will be in morocco, and desire to go to algeria because that is the subject of my academic studies. anthropology has catalyzed my interest in algerian music (rai and kabylie), social isssues, gov't, how all three of them interplay. please give me any information, suggestions... thanks.

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    hello Redkahina,

    I am Moroccan and glad your visiting my land, but just to let you know Morocco and algria are the same, You will go to Morocco and you will have to watch your self and samething in Algeria.


    We are here on earth to do good for others. What the others are here for, I don't know!


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      It all depends on where you are going to be. The main cities, I would say are quiet safe.My friends who have been there lately, enjoyed their summer and didn't have to stay confined to 4 walls. I hope you enjoy your stay there. Make sure you visit the south (Sahara).


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        I'm an Algerian who have been to Morrocco. I disagree with you when you say that both our countries are the same. I hope you visit Algeria some day if you haven't done so yet, and you will see by yourself.



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          Hi All,

          I would have to agree that there are many differences to be found between Morocco and a bit of research on the places that you intend on visiting beforehand would be my advice to you..(read up on the news and find out what the current situation is in that region etc)
          Also, i believe that tourism is definitely on the increase in Algeria once more for the following reasons....

          1) On arriving and departing from Marseille airport recently,I felt that i was in Algiers airport!!...there were so many people leaving for and returning from Algeria, i thought that i was surely missing something!

          2) the fantastic 'Olympique de Marseille'are being heavily sponsored by 'Khalifa airways' this season!..( i must say its a nice change from the usual phone company logo!)on the front of their strip (which is lovely by the way..and i sincerely hope helps in their performance on the pitch this season)

          I hope that my recent observations are found to be of use in some way

          Peace to All
          'He who heard the truth in the morning might die content in the evening.'(Confucious)..


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            Travelers beware !

            It is my hope that you are not considering travelling alone to Algeria as this may be the equivalent to signing your own death certificate. As a female, you may be quickly identified as an easy target.

            Please don't get me wrong. I love my country but I would not be of service to you by encouraging you to visit it at this time. I am aware that Algeria is the home to unique treasures not found anywhere else but be aware that underneath all the beauty lies horror and unthinkable brutality which do not cease to shock the conscience of the common man in particular and the civilised world in general.

            If you chose to travel to Algeria, I urge you to remain confined within urban areas where the presence of security personel may improve your odds of survival should you become the victim of a violent crime. Travelling to rural areas would be pure suicide especially if you are travelling by car as you may encounter fake roadblocks set up by terrorists.

            Eventhough such roadblocks are designed for petty thefts, many of them have regrettably been the sites of bloody massacres. Recently, a family of seven had the misfortune to encounter such a roadblock. The family was taken at gunpoint to a remote location where all the members of the family were slaughtered.


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              whew... a bit of diversity of suggestions,but
              nabil777: your information makes me extremely wary of travel to algeria, and i take your advice seriously. what a pity that a country so rich in musical and historical culture faces so many problems.

              alias redkahina


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                HELLOW, Algeria is just like every other state it has its bad parts and its good parts u should not juge ur own country just because of a few areas im shure if u went to another state and look around u would find places just like urs so are you going to tell us not togo anywere peace out


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                  Corrections : Algeria is not like any other state and I am not judging my country. However, I cannot in good faith encourage anyone to visit it at this time.

                  Restraint and common sense must be applied when exploring the option to visit a country where the massacre of innocent civilians and the kidnappings of young women to serve as sex slaves have become daily events.

                  A visit to Algeria should be left to a moment in time when the algerian people will enjoy adequate safety which is regrettably not the case right now.

                  [Edited by Nabil777 on 16th September 2002 at 19:24]


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                    Algeria is just like every other state what you are sounds bad but thats stuff happens everywere no matter where you go and if you think algerias bad then you've never been to moly, moly about 10 times worse it on the 10 top places not to vist so algeria can't be that bad.


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                      Did you say that what happens in Algeria occurs everywhere ? " Indeed, you are correct.

                      As a matter of fact, a group of civilians were recently massacred in Germany by a terrorist group known as " Germans for an islamic Germany ". Also, women are routinely snatched from the streets of Rome by yet another terrorist group " Italian Islamic group ". Equally, bodies of innocent people can be found laying on the sidewalk in Paris and who were murdered by a group known as " United behind Bin Laden "

                      Enough with the sarcasm and let me add that I may not have had the opportunity to travel to Moly, moly but my trips allowed me to visit 41 countries around the world and I can state the fact that what happens in Algeria does not happen EVERYWHERE.

                      Brutality of such magnitude only occurs in places where the rules of law have broken down to pave the way to the laws of the jungle.


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                        i have never been to algeria or moly but i study countries and i usely know what i what im taking about algeria might have its problems but it is still just like any onther country go and vist pak or iraq or moly or and then vist algeria and then tell me which is worst pak women get killed for not wearing the head things. there are worst place then algeria and aleria can be a great place to live if you vist the right places hell algeria can be very butifull if you give it a chanch peace out


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                          Algeria would be like any other country when compared to nations where lawlessness is the local currency. However, the comparison would fall apart when compared to nations where the rules of law are the main foundation in which case Algeria is not like any other country.

                          It is a thing to study about countries. It is quite another to actually visit them.


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                            face it im goin to win this convertion. i have very low standers for humands no one has surpised me yet so people get snated for the streets and all i have to say is it sounds like fun


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                              The purpose of an intelligent exchange is to enrich yourself with yet another perspective and not a matter of winning.

                              Judging by the fragments of immaturity you just displayed in your comments and the alarming number of spelling errors included in your texts, I am afraid that the only person you are slapping is yourself.

                              For one who claims to harbor very low standards for humans, I am not particularly impressed by yours. I urge you to brush up on current events and develop proper skills of communication so that we may be able to pursue this discussion.

                              [Edited by Nabil777 on 25th September 2002 at 18:05]


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