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    First of all you have no right to tell me how smart, or stupid for that matter i am. And i think you telling me that - is just as bad. So don't even start. And may i ask, what errors are you talking about there my dear? I bet if i stared at your text long enough i could find a few myself. And how old are you, 30? You have no right to tell me how big my brain compasity is. Im only 14 for godsakes. My friend is 24 though, and you shouldn't be able to judge her either. So i suggest you shut up.

    - Shyan
    (Shannon's cousin..)


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      One final word of advice : grow up.

      Meanwhile, go to your room. You are grounded.


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        Good one, Nabil.


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          yes, they are fine words and if you are going to talk to my cousin that way i am going to put you over my knee and spank you. just to let you know your a jerk!


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            Spank me ? Ouch, that hurts. If you are resolute in your intention to spank me, please make sure you use baby lotion on my rear end to reduce its impact.


            • #21
              be careful, shannon

              Some men really get a kick out of being spanked by a female

              And with baby oil... whew!


              • #22
                Oh, we are spanking now

                Shanon spanking the general my god im dreaming or what ??? oh, it must be a nightmare it is all that big dinner i had lastnight...where is the bloody light ? I have to get up now...


                • #23
                  Well, Shannon ?

                  I have just bought the lotion
                  And assumed the position
                  Will it be pain or total infatuation ?

                  Damn ! We could write a rap song with this stuff. Here, let me give it a try :

                  Yo Shannon, yo baby
                  Fzzzzz fzzzzz fzzzzz fzzzzz fzzzzz

                  I boughta the lotiuuuuuuuuuuun
                  Fzzzz fzzzzz fzzzzz fzzzzz fzzzzz

                  And assuma tha postiuuuuuuuuuun
                  Fzzzz fzzzzz fzzzzz fzzzz fzzzzz

                  You wanna hurt me or infatuatiuuuuuuuuuuuun ?
                  Fzzzzzz fzzzzz fzzzzzz fzzzzz fzzzzzz

                  Impartial and well expressed criticisms regarding the rap song I just wrote will be appreciated


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                    In a country where Eminem can earn such generous stardom... Nabil, I think you're well on your way to good 'ol gangsta-rap fame.


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                      i brought the hand and the lungery lets get started then


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                        Some people...

                        I don't think you have any right to tell me to grow up. You're probally some 60 year old freak at home, with nothing better to do but harrass young people! And the pathetic thing is you probally get your kicks out of it to. So i think you're the one who should grow up dear.. (Hope i went below the belt their. Haha!) B'bye!



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                          Some kids, some babies

                          Priiiiiiiing ! Priiiiiiiiing ! Priiiiiiiiiiing !

                          Haven't you heard the bell, dear ? It is breast feeding time


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                            Shhh...Shyan you adorable... how old are ya ?


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