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Ahhhh, kids these days

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  • Ahhhh, kids these days

    When I was a child, my mother would have popped my eyes out with her bare hands if I behaved the way some children do these days.

    More confused than ever, children of the 21st century truly believe they have it all figured out and found the answer to just about any challenge life may throw at them. They hit their first cigarette by the age of 12, get pregnant by 13, experiment with marijuana by 14 and enjoy their first taste of alcohol by 15.

    As a concerned parent, you reach out to your child. Your child rebels and refuses to listen. You attempt to discipline your child and teach him or her the value of respect. In turn, your child calls the police who places you under arrest and you end up in jail. I believe that the terminology used within judiciary circles to describe your arrest is........child abuse.

    Before you may ask me the question, allow me to answer you. No, I am not speaking from personal experience. I am merely making an observation.

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    Dear Nabil,

    I've been reading your posts with much interest tonight, I've been hit by a "bombshell" and I'd love to talk to you in private if it's possible? My name is David Walsh and my e-mail address is

    I'd be so grateful if we could enter into correspondance.

    Kind regards,


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      rebel with or without a cause?

      In some cases rebellion is a necessary element of the evolutionary process... and I am not referring to apes and australopithicus afarensis.
      Thank God I am rebelling against my parents. Thank goodness I am not racist like my father, who will disown me if I don't marry a pasty-white American.
      The fact is that there are progressive rebellions and counter-progressive rebellions. Maybe if children are permitted to drink alcohol at an earlier age, they won't binge at age 16 and reach alcoholism at 20. Maybe if females bodies were taught to be beautiful no matter the measurements, instead of repulsive and worthy of abuse, young girls would not turn to horny adolescent boys for acceptance, and would not be tossing their offspring into the trash.
      It is an entire social paradigm that causes such foolish behavior. Often I blame the parents. I have seen more neglect and poor transmition of values from parents to children than i have seen from peer to peer. Instead of blaming the ignorant young generation for their degenerative behavior, perhaps we should take a second look at the mis- or entire lack-of-guidance from the parents.



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        reply to nabil777

        hi pal, its sounds like the children of the world,
        could it be the fault of the parents? its an old
        saying that an apple does not fall far from the
        tree, i smoked weed, drank, partied, and i think
        i turned out ok, never called the police on my
        parents could not get pregnant because of being
        of the male gender but if i could have i probably
        would have, you are right in what you say, but
        try giving your advice to anyone in there teens
        they would tell you to go take a hike in the jungle
        but it looks good on paper. kiss your mom for me.
        ron b.


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          David Walsh

          You got mail


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            Ronald Borskey

            Hi Ron,

            Did you just call me "pal" ? Do you realize how shocking the term will appear in the eyes of some readers ?

            I believe that you and I are living proof that walls of animosity can never withstand the weight of a common will to set aside differences and achieve mutual understanding.

            Please offer my best wishes to your family on my behalf.


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              Hello Redkahina,

              Last but not least.

              I command you for the quality of your posts. In my eyes, you have turned grace into an art form. I will leave the flattery as my wife may get intensely jealous and starve me for the next two weeks

              I have always wondered about the media impact on children. Eventhough no knowledge in the field of rocketry would be necessary to come to terms with the fact that endless exposure to violence will harm children, all attempts to reform the TV industry have failed on grounds that they are anticonstitutional and may infringe upon individual rights. Meanwhile, the saga goes on.


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                Personal Note

                I was born into chaos and my destiny is to organize my chaos.


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                  Thank you for the compliment... i would beg for more but I don't want you to go hungry

                  I am curious to know, do you currently live in Algeria? From your reply to my inquiry about travel, I figured you must be... but from your perspective and knowledge of the Iraq-U.S. situation, I would have believed you are living in the U.S. or Europe.



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                    In response to your questions, I live in Salt Lake City, capital of the gorgeous state of Utah and home of the great Karl Malone and the Utah Jazz. Should you conclude from my comments that you are dealing with a basketball fan, you are right. My whole universe revolves around the world of basketball.

                    There is not much in Utah but breathtaking mountains and a most inspiring desert. Utah is without a doubt the most beautiful state in the union and I consider myself lucky to enjoy its scenery. My knowledge of the situation in Algeria is derived from news I receive periodically from my family. Have you made a decision regarding your trip ?


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                      City of Mormons

                      Ah, Utah... I had a friend who was a Mormon-turned-atheist from a town near Salt Lake City. Ironically she finds the small, near-ghost town of Beloit, WI (location of our college) to be a Disneyland compared to her hometown. I myself would prefer mountains over scummy street-corner pubs, but I speculate her negative feelings towards religion plays some role in her decision to make this place her new home.

                      As far as travel to Algeria... I am still debating whether my desire to take a one-week venture to Algiers is a realistic plan or a whimsical infatuation. I must say that photos of Algeria surpass in beauty almost any other country I have seen. Perhaps I will wait until I arrive in Morocco to decide whether or not to hop the border next door... I would imagine that circumstances all over the world could worsen if a war errupts in Iraq... and as I am leaving in 4 months, the safety in Algeria could fluctuate by that time (as either you or some other member mentioned).



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                        While reading my reply to your message concerning your potential trip to Algeria, I must admit I may have appeared a bit dramatic (psychological trait deeply imbedded in the soul of a Taurus )

                        One question comes to mind as I was wondering if you were intending to travel alone. Should that be the case, allow me to be blunt : forget it. It is too dangerous. I am not implying that a trip to Algeria would be equivalent to a death sentence but the element of risk is real and serious. Are you willing to take it ?

                        You might as well go to Algeria and enjoy the best vacations you ever experienced in your life or you may walk down the street, hear the screaming tires of a beaten up Peugeot driving by you. You turn around to find yourself staring at the barrel of a gun and before you know it, there you are walking down a tunnel with a bright light at the end.


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                          bullets in the brain don't match well with my shoes

                          Certainly I would not travel alone to Algeria if I do decide to go there. I have a male friend in Morocco who will hopefully advise me about the current conditions and would accompany my travels.

                          Maybe I am a bit of an adventurer, somewhat impulsive, and slightly flirtatious with danger... a part of me would thrive on bragging that I traveled to Algeria when most people my age barely go beyond their own state. But then again, I value my existence more than my experience.


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                            Flirtatious with danger, you said ? This prompts me to ask you a question. Have you ever watched a movie entitled " Year of living dangerously " ? Mel Gibson assumed the leading role of a journalist visiting Indonesia during the tumultuous years when Suharto was in power (not sure about the spelling).

                            If you haven't, please visit a local video store and check it out. There is nothing like prior experience and adequate training before stepping foot on a combat zone


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                              Does Mel Gibson end up getting killed? Just a rhetorical question... you don't have to spoil the ending for me.

                              I am reminded of the Wall Street journalist, I forgot his name, who was kidnapped and killed a few months ago in Karachi. From what I read of the circumstances, he was on death row the moment he began his investigation in the country... trusting people he shouldn't have trusted...
                              Today a friend of mine from Pakistan was complaining how no Americans can "comprehend" his experiences in middle-class Karachi. He said to me, "If you traveled to my country, you would understand," then added, "...but as an American and a female, you'd could be shot down any second."

                              So all in all I keep this in mind, for any overseas city of risk for that matter. Militants do not appear particularly fond of journalists... and I'd imagine that the line is very thin between the appearance of a mere tourist, journalist, or CIA agent.

                              I once thought living Brooklyn toughened me up... but as I hear of the threats in other cities abroad, I begin to question how prepared I really am.


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