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    Does Mel Gibson end up getting killed ? Naaaaaaaa, I won't tell you. Where is the fun watching a movie when you already know the end ? I believe that the journalist's name you are referring to is Pearl. His killer was captured recently and I wouldn't bet a dime on his future as Pakistani justice is swift and unforgiving.

    I was able to taste an american flavor while digesting some of your comments in your previous posts but I was not able to pinpoint its exact location. I would not have guessed you lived in New York. I was more inclined to believe you lived on the West Coast.

    Observations I made while interacting with elements originating from various cultures lead me to conclude that americans are in general trustworthy and naive. Unaware of the dangers hiding in this world they are and invincible they honestly believe they remain. For the record, I am speaking in general terms here

    This reminds me of an event I had the misfortune to witness while visiting Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. I remember staying at the Mediterranean Hotel located on Atlantica Avenue in the heart of Copa Cabana. I had the pleasure to meet an american couple I shared a breakfast with one morning. I left the hotel on an exploration trip of the city. Upon my return in the evening, I was informed by the receptionist that the man I had breakfast with regrettably ventured in high crime areas of Rio and ran into a little boy who could not have been older than eight years.

    The child approached the man and demanded his wallet. The man laughed as he honestly did not take the child seriously. The child took a few steps back, pulled a gun, pointed at him and shot him point blank in the face. Needless to say that the man was instantly killed.

    I was so shaken up by the incident I was never quite the same person again.


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      I could lie...

      But in fact I am not from New York... I was born in New Jersey, and lived in Illinois most of my life. A little over a year ago I lived in Brooklyn for 4 months... and as a previously shelter suburbanite, I really felt like I was on top of the world

      Speaking of which... yes, talk about trustworthy and naive, the people of the midwest are infamous for such qualities. Your experience in Brazil reminds me of a student from my college who, not long ago, went on an exchange program to Ecuador, followed by a few months of independent travel. He never returned. No one knows where he is or what happened to him... I can imagine him getting himself caught up in a dangerous situation due to lack of caution. Unfortunately college may thoroughly teach in books but not in common sense.

      Thus far I have either been lucky or relatively crafty in my behavior, not that I am the most experienced of humans... but people often gape at my retelling of situations that could have left me beaten, raped, arrested, or addicted.

      There is a first for everything, though.


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