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    Originally posted by k_s
    okey dokey

    Another question in the web site it lists all documents required for expemption from antional service for over 22 people, but they dont mention passport. as I just turned 22 yesterday I want to apply

    does anyone know whether I can just send them my consular card as my passport is currently not with me?

    I mean la carte consulire should be enough coz I used my passport to make it!
    what do you think?
    Well, when I got my carte jaune (which btw is not yellow), I had to fill a form with a copy of my diploma and extrait de naissance + ID photos. Ni passport ni carte consulaire. everything was sent to the BR of Beb el oued and 4 months later I was free

    PS: happy birthday


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      Cool man, thanks I am gonna apply as soon as possible I think they just require fiche de scholarité for current year not even diploma

      Luckeee as they say in Algeria


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        C'est bien ki lahqatek la reforme
        Man, la carte jaune is our residence card there


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          Well when I went last summer you know all my friends where graduating and la carte jaune was certainly the buzz word.

          Like: "Sahit morad, sayee freetha? shehal khalasset?"

          Although nowadays they give it randomly, enta wazahrak waktah troh pour la visite.

          So time from time you hear something like: "Rahom meddou lejma3a li raho bessebt"



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            Well, I got mine 3 months after I graduated and I think I would b in Hassi messaoud now if I had it earlier...
            Mektoub that is!


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              Why didnt they just send it to your home here?

              Anyways Abiar office is friendly , you should see gazarna mensoura in Constantine...


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