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    Tamy gave me the idea for this so I cannot take all the credit. Many women have told me the way they dealt with errant husbands and boyfriends and I KNOW that there is a goldmine of ideas out there so feel free to post anything and everything that will help women out there to 'not get mad but get even' lol!
    One woman told me that when her husband run off with his secretary she took his cannister of shaving cream and covered his whole hot car with is nasty to get off she said and he was not too thrilled when he seen his new 'wax job' in the driveway in the morning...
    An oldie but goodie...a hundred years ago under British occupation...a Chinese lady had a particulary nasty Master whom she was a servant did she manage to stay cheerful? the other more sympathetic to her cause Brits wondered....finally one asked her...she said..he drinks water out of his rainbarrel every morning for his health...says fresh rainwater was in the dark wee hours of the morning she would scuttle up to the rooftop above the gutters and pee in the! So she smiled all day due to the knowledge that she was getting her own back on him...

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    Sorry to disappoint you

    I think behind every dirty trick of a man there is a woman

    I have never seen any man running away from you of damping you to go and play by himself...women are always lurking behind your back hinting , winking, touching, pretending to be vunerable, flatering his ego they do anything to take him away from you...Let me get stoned by some bitter women but i can take it...the truth always hurt but it is reality check...women are their worst inemies...
    Saha ftourkoum



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      I disagree

      There is many a good woman out there who have found themselves married to brutish men. There are men also of course that have had this experience. There have been many psycological studies done on this and sorry to burst your bubble but women are not the root cause of many of are entitled to your opinion of course but people from battered women's shelters could give you many reasons...and serial killers that were interviewed on death row had only one thing in common...VERBAL ABUSE...and it came from many different things including babysitters and the would change your tune if you woke up married to one of those believe you me...

      [QUOTE]Originally posted by Mansouri


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        haa haa
        Bring on the Bunny-Boilers!!

        I once accidently slipped up to THE TAX man about a certain persons illegal money laudering/tax shenanigans....

        Im sorry but I dont agree with you on the root of all evil is women theory.
        I once read in a newspaper so this is as true as the day.
        In a womens rape councelling centre in India a group of women, about 25/30 of them were sitting around talking & healing each other with kind words when in walked a police woman who had been brutally raped & beaten. She announced that she would have her vengence....

        A few months past & hospitals were over run with men saying that they had just woken up to find that they had been castrated. They went to the police but nothing happened, no witnesses, no evidence besides the missing of the willy of course & no-one was ever caught.
        The story found its way to international press annonymously as a future warning that this would continue unless justice would be carried out for victims of abuse.

        What the women at the centre did was this.
        The police woman had files on rapists & most of the womens attackers as they did report the crimes but the men were released as rapists are very very rarely charged (in any country)
        So she got the files & police records & one by one hunted down the men, One of the women was a doctor, one was a nurse & they all had their own skills so they came together & hunted down their attackers & lured them into traps. Once they were there the women sedated them & then doctor castrated them, in a proper manner of course.

        I somehow doubt that these men will ever be able to repeat what they did to these women.
        Justice was served.
        After the incident various states right acoss the country opened up womens homes, refuges, medical services etc for women. They inspired a generation that to stand your own in not a crime.
        women tat had been in abusive marriages came forward & helped others. It was truely amazing the down tridden women of this poor country now have a voice & you simply dont F*** with it!

        So how was the women being brutalised their fault?!?!?!...
        Or women that kill men in self defence after years of abuse. Hell if somone ever tried to touch my lil' neices or cousins or sisters I would take great pleasure in inflicting great vengece upon them with not a drop mercy in my heart.

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          I wonder what our groom has to say about all seriously for a woman who nagged her husband to death you are something. Of course some women are victimes i feel for them but i hope that my husband will never turn to evil i married him because he is an angel...i believe in carma and you get what you deseve in this life.

          Now irishspark i wanted to ask you have you heard of a big scandale in New York 3 years ago it was Kathy lee husband you know the morning show host with Regis ? Anyway we were living in there at the time and it was all over the news...a women has paid an air hostess to sleep with that celebrity husband just to break her ego...their marriage has never recovered and that women has paid 150.000.00 $ s il vous plait, rien que ca. it is not funny at is very sad indeed...when i read Tamy saying what jetair did to her in here is a work of a woman i believe her...i dont know wich kind of a low life is this...but believe me a man alone can never complot such a dirty trick never least not in our part of the world, or people i came to meet...very sad but true some women are cheapo, lower than earth...some i said of course and in here in this forum i can see some real life xxxxx by their stupid and silly jealousy of are among three an expection in here irispark and i really enjoy talking to you.

          Saha ftourkoum



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            Re: irishspark

            Nagged my husband to death? lol! Not a chance! He died in an accident. He was a logger/skidder operator. A skidder is a large machine you haul many trees with, you take the choke chain on the skidder and wrap it around the trees which can be a nasty business in deep snow and freezing temperatures in treacherous terrain. I remember jobs where the mountainside was so steep that my father and my husband who both worked at the same mill, used to have to chain their skidder to trees at the top so they wouldn't slide down the mountain. Their hands used to look like bloody hamburger some days from trying to get the chains around the trees which sometimes smashed them in between and while slipping in the husband was young when he was killed, we had 13 years together from teenagers up. I grew up with him. Nag? He was high spirited and very tough, his Irish self would have picked me up thrown me over his shoulder and have thrown me in an icy lake! Not a chance lol! He was a tough man with a fantastic sense of humour and literally hundreds of friends. At his funeral the church was so packed there were people standing outside.
            They say some women who admire their fathers look for men with similar qualities and that was true in my case. That is the biggest reason to this day that I have never married. Men like him are hard to find and shoes like his are hard to fill.

            [QUOTE]Originally posted by Mansouri
   seriously for a woman who nagged her husband to death you are something.


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              Dear Irishspark

              I am terribly sorry to hear that, it is very sad story.May he rest in peace. I did not want to open your wounds losing a husband must be the worst thing to happen to a
              women. I was thinking to keep it light and dish the dirt about some awful bitttchy girls you i love your sense of humour and the way you talk openly about yourself...i have my email address public i use my real family name as you know the story behind all that...we are very few in here who have nothing to hide...reading some mail in here i think some very good people have vanished and that is very sad...women faults my dear, they divide to that silly to be so ambitious in a virtual i really enjoy talking to you even if our opinion differes i find it most stimulating and very enjoyable times i came in here only to discuss politics and now look at me chating everywhere..i wonder if Bunky will ever forgive me lol...where is Faruque for god sake ???


              Saha ftourkoum



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                Re: Dear Irishspark

                That's okay dear, we just illustrated a point here in the Virtual world, all humans are students in this life and none of us know each other and you know from experience in your real life no doubt as I do in mine, that even when we know someone for years they can up and surprise and Bunky also illustrated a peaceful way to resolve differences...I'm so proud of you! Debate is also another way for humans to learn and that is how I see it as a learning tool even more than defending points, not one human on the planet knows everything and at times we aren't open and then later voila' the brain suddenly depends what is going on in one's life at the time of the revelation, you have to be ready psycologically for them or they may not sink in the first time...another reason people should be given time to see things...and forgiven if they don' much later they might...who knows? I am okay dear you didn't do anything wrong lol! I expected that you meant the best by it and see? I was right!
                As for poor Faruque he is probably heading towards Abu Dhabi thinking all women are dangerous! lol! He hates me on Scotland and quite a few others of us but he does talk to us and interract with we will give him points for bravery lol! He must like something about us as he keeps coming back! But when the women come at him...well that is not debate...that is his ticket to make an exit-if you see a blur go by it is probably him!

                [QUOTE]Originally posted by Mansouri


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                  Re: Faruque

                  Oh my dear irishspark thank you for that..i am off to Edinburg right was wondering what ever happen to him ? let me see if i can join in there (i hope they will not block my pass word ).. and drag him back in this is getting serious..where is Raphael i need some lesson in virtual m enjoying this it is very exiting imagine the wedding ? Is he from Abu Dhabi ? I taught he was a Palestinian ? Check it
                  Saha ftourkoum



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