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Any More Algerians in California??

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  • Any More Algerians in California??

    i adore my Sofiane, but i would like to further my experience with this culture... i am finding myself enamoured with these gorgeous creatures...

    are there any of you men that live in the northern california area?? specifically in the SF bay area...

    drop me a line... my name is Jessica...

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    A sincere advice

    Are you begging for trouble ? Do not give in to the lures of temptation while feeding the fires of jealousy as every ounce of your soul may get burned in the process.


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      you may be unaware of the sage wisdom that lies in the words you speak...

      is it common for an algerian to tell a woman that he doesn't want a "relationship" yet still shoot jealous darts with his eyes dare she speak (flirtatiously) to another man within earshot??

      what am i to make of that? especially now that he says he "needs time to think"... i love him to bits, but am in a place in my life where affection and devotion is what i crave... and i've told him... it isn't neccessarily marriage that i seek, just the strenght and warmth of a caring man's arms...

      is that really so much to ask??


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        No, it is not. In your pursuit of hapiness, always seek the best and never settle for less.


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          Hey Jessica
          Im afraid some pople on here will not appreciate your honesty & the genuine manner in which you come across. A good fe wof us have had this where we've said what we feel & been lynched for it. Glad to see a cool lady on here though.
          You go girl


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