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    Beware of the dangers and perils of the cyberworld. Nothing can be as manipulative as a right word expressed at the right time.

    In your opinion, do you believe that it is ethically and morally right for people involved in serious relationships to frequently visit chatrooms ?

    If yes, where do you draw the line ? What is acceptable ? What is outright wrong ?

    If no, how do you reach out to a family member, a friend or a mate who is truly obsessed by it and refuses to admit it ?

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    Hey Nabil,
    Im glad you brought this topic up actually as I have never ever in my life seen the amount of strange obsessive stalker antics that Iv seen on here.
    Fair play in the each to heir own. Its an individuals choice but some people do take it to the limits & beyond.
    I trusted someone & tried helping them out on here once & sent them my email details & what have you. It turned out this person was actually signing on as two people on here & a good few of us on here figured it out. How Sad.
    Some of the behaviour is not normal for a healthy well balanced human being.
    Some people are just not normal & get their kicks out of doing strange bizarre antics & living in a world of make beieve.
    They just font relaise that this is a PC its not real. people on here are/maybe not what they are teling you they are. You have no way of telling.
    I just picture people declaring their undying love oer the internet as people that crave attention without putting themselves forward in the real world outdoors in a normal environment. They sit at their PC & imagine themselves up to be something they are not. This mentality & split personalty is surely not normal & peole actually fall for this rubbish!
    Like I said their are a few people that are proper twisted on here & are compulsive liars & those who are naive & dont put two & two together fall for this malakee.
    Those of us who do work it out pity them & think "You need to get out more often"
    If you read some of the stories pople put on here its like hello if you do all that then how come you're on here 24 hours a day. You so cant be in two places at once!

    I so so prefer the real world with real people with shopping, cappucino's & lunch on a saturday afternoon & amazing nights out with people I know & adore.

    Keep it real I say.


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      Sally how right you are hun.

      People, photos, reality, friends, hugs, kisses... wine etc these things can never be found anywhere on the net.
      Its the WEB..
      I'll think of you while Im drinking my Earl Grey Tea.


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        Hmmm... a smooth Fruscati.


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          In order to appreciate Algerian wine, a key ingredient must be added to the mixture : a background of fine Algerian music


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            Will you stop it ? I am getting drunk just by reading your comments


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              Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh ya Nabil

              Internet maniacs are the one who do anything to be popular, are the one who email others to join the gang, are the desperados who disappear then come back with a new name... the ones who cater for the crowd and cannot be man or a lady enough to speak their minds...the jealous who feel excluded because no one is last but not least who uses the time and lines from work and where is the ethics ? What about the net frauds ? think about it??? ...i only use my portable pc at home or in a hotel room where i pay dearly for it !!!! hummmm i wonder what the maniac has to say about that...ruining and sponging off their boses and companies...


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                an open book

                I think the problem with the internet (chat and forums particularly) lies in a person's inability to separate intellect from emotion.
                Forums and chat are an excellent transmition of info, learning new philosophies, sharing ideas... "an open book"
                Where else could we communicate and listen to people halfway across the world?
                However they are (usually) a poor and dangerous foundation for romance
                From a distance we have a tendency to idealize.


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                  Isn't what intellect? I am not sure which part of my post you are referring to... romance, idealization, etc.
                  I agree that intellect and emotion can overlap... but a person needs to understand that what appears in words on a screen does not encompass the entire character.


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                    Re: Nikita

                    At this point it is time for me to stagger over to Starbucks for a Soothing sobering Caramel is my newest craving lol! I just hope they aren't too is becoming a habit!

                    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Nabil777
                    [B]Will you stop it ? I am getting drunk just by reading your comments


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                      I second that

                      I have seen this emotion rule head thing go way toooo far...what a shock when all the idealistic buildup of the other comes crashing down! Worse one's idiocy hangs there in cyberspace for years to come - a gruesome reminder - in print - that one was a total blinking long do these words hang in space? EEEEEEEP!!! Now I've gone and done myself in...boy I am glad I don't have regular moments of deep clarity...I'd be hiding under me bed for good!

                      [QUOTE]Originally posted by redkahina


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                        hi nabil, there you have gone and did it again
                        now i feel guilty everytime i sit in my lonely
                        room late at night thinking evil thoughts about
                        all these lovely people on the internet, i have
                        no life i am just a lost soul drifting loose in
                        this wide world trying to find my self in this
                        world of sin may i see the light and find my way
                        long live buddy holly and peggy sue and ryna.


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                          Oh! Oh!

                          Oops! Lets see now about my maturity level, hmmmm well there is one where I have sixpack earrings lol! The guys at the houseparty peeled them off the beercans and I put one on each ear and voila one mugshot....there is the various poses my family rigged up for a laugh...we are talking Irish family here...maturity means nothing when they are looking for a good sleep around my bunch with your eyes nope blackmail pictures rule in some of my albums...which I hide...I can only pray none of them reach your discriminating (or should I say incriminating?) hands lol! What is normal I ask? Normal is the status quo of the world at large at the time and its accepted norms...depending on what time in history man lived in ...well back to my question..what is normal?

                          Many personal photo albums speak volumes as to the maturity and mental stability, or lack there of, of their respective owners.


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                            Re: guilty

                            Ronnie dear pray tell what evil thoughts and which lovely people would those be? I am curious as all get out lol!


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                              Did anybody ever tell you that curiosity killed the cat ?


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