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Algerians and UK visa requirements

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  • Algerians and UK visa requirements

    Hello folks,

    I just read this in the news and thought you may like to know about this....

    Algerians targeted in visa clampdown
    LONDON (Reuters) - Britain has tightened visa requirements on Algerians in a clampdown on illegal immigrants, the government says. Most of the more than 300 people arrested in Britain under anti-terror legislation since the September 11 attacks have been from North Africa and particularly Algeria. From Friday morning, Algerians transiting through Britain on the way to another country will need to have a visa, the Home Office said on Thursday. "This...follows strong evidence that some Algerians have abused the right to travel through the UK without a visa -- never intending to travel onwards," it added in a statement. The ministry said many of the people abusing the visa system either simply slipped in among the general population to remain in the country illegally or made bogus asylum claims. It noted that of the 1,120 decisions made on Algerian asylum claims, only 50 were accepted. "These improved controls will support the radical reforms we are implementing to tackle abuse of the system and halve the number of asylum seekers by September 2003," it said. Algerians intending to visit Britain already need to have a visa.

    'He who heard the truth in the morning might die content in the evening.'(Confucious)..

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    Oh woamn no cry

    Thanks Kendra for your post.
    I read it with sorrow ,but great attention,Algerians seeking assylum arround the world,what a shamefor us the maghrebins,Algeria the mother land of one of the greatest civilisationin the human history do not deserve that.
    in Canada over 1600 algerians are ordred deported a lot of them found refuge in churches( irony they are mouslims)
    new-zeland about 2000 algerians applying for refuge,in the USA they are targeted as ptential terrorist
    france you know the story!!
    I'm not pointing the finger no no but my sympathy goes to my brothers and sisters the algerians
    you know kendra most of those people are highly educated with a very good skills, drain brains...what a los for a nation of Algeria .
    The shiiit government of algeria is driving them away and the moroccans are doing no good to host those people,for security reason they shut of the borders,even we all know that those algerians could be very helpful for Morocco 'cause they are doctors ingen teachers and professionals.....

    what can I say!!!
    take care.
    Ensemble pour une meilleure societe


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      Just to clarify things,

      I think that is a mistake. As the media seems to forget to check the facts before reporting on such story.

      As an Algerian living in Europe I go through Heathrow a lot on my way to Asia & the Pacific and sine 1997 I have been asked to get a visa for my transits via the UK even if it is for 2 hours.
      The reality is very different from what you are saying in here

      1st. You can never make it to the country if you are on a transit as there is no way out but through the emigration. You do go through long corridors and change terminals by taking the shuttle bus but there is no way you can go anywhere but to your destination

      As a frequent traveler I am amazed at the amount of biased news and reports that are false.


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        Lets not dramatise the situation and try to segregate the immigration issue just to Algerians. It’s happening all around the world, just like Moroccans migrating to Europe (eg. Spain and Belgium) including teenagers.
        Don’t get wrong, it’s in human nature to look for better living conditions and it happen over the world. Even here… the Australian
        Immigration department set-up restrictions on Americans and Europeans willing to migrate to their country…

        2000 Algerians applying for refuge in NZ ? something that I never heard before.
        I’m very interested to know the source of your information.

        The living conditions are not any better in Morocco either (unemployment, poverty, prostitution, the media been repressed, etc etc). So lets face it, clean up your own backyard first.


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          open your eyes and get your heads out your asses!

          I read the article on the BBC website..I copied and pasted it as it was about algerians.that is all there is to it.
          Dodi - if there is a mistake with the news reported then take it up with the BBC.I take everything i read or see on TV with a pinch of salt.

          Vriruch -as i said i was reporting something to ALGERIANS FOR THE ALGERIAN FORUM..if it was with regards to only moroccans then i'd post it on the moroccan board.I never tried to differentiate between the two countries.I know morocco has its fair share of immigration problems,so don't you dare tell me to clean up my own backyard first.

          I was merely passing on info i read,not asking for a fight.'lets not dramatize the situation then'??..haa haa look who's talking!..get off your high horse will you?!
          'He who heard the truth in the morning might die content in the evening.'(Confucious)..


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            Comedown Kendra .. you did well by posting the news.. there is nothing wrong with that..I mainly responded to Izzat, who replied bellow by Insinuating that whose "Algerians seeking asylum" will better in Morocco, as if it's kingdom of peace.


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              Where are you all gone?

              Kendra, virush, Izzat, what happened?


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                  Imagine such a loophole did exist that allowed Algerians to get in without a visa. I swear the population of Algeria would decrease by at least 20% within a month. Everyone would hit up England. My uncle, who can barely speak French, and doesn't speak the greatest Arabic either, wanted to go to any country in Europe. He even had a visa to go to Norway but we convinced him to stay.


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                    Toney, i think you will be looking at around 99% only the houkouma will stay


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                      Re: Where are you all gone?

                      [QUOTE]Originally posted by Dodi
                      Kendra, virush, Izzat, what happened? [/QUOTE0]

                      Kendra is still around


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