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wa faiiiiin?

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  • wa faiiiiin?

    where is everyone??? everyone gone on holiday already?? =[ no one posting here anymore even u akhiyal wa fain kulshi???? i miss u alllll =[

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    Hush there, ya Chinwiya, don't get yourself upset! We have a 'new look' and quite a few people are exploring other areas of the site as well as drifting in here. And yes, we have some people away on holiday, or travelling, or taking exams, struggling with work deadlines etc. The different time zones people are living in makes a difference to who's in when, too.

    And I'm not posting any more?

    ya latif, I am posting more than ever, you're just not reading them

    We have new areas to furnish now, so adding videos and music takes up some time. Don't panic, there's always someone around


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      lol.... ok ok fine i will chillax.... but the forum is tooooo quiet =[ sniff sniff lol....



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        Only on the surface, right now there are 535 guests prowling around various parts of the site

        That's a lot of shy people out there!


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          just in Syria

          being in Syria means I get to check my email once every two weeks (one week if i'm lucky and twice during that time if Allah really loves me)

          I miss posting like a majnouneh on here... bas... yeah that's life. August 13 is the day when life goes back to normal (for me at least --- i hope )

          yeah, so what's up?


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            walou is up i come from america nearly a week ago and im off to morocco in 2 weeks inshallah lol... oh and tomoro is my set up for exhibition.... lol gna be assessed on tuesday so wish me luck guys plz make dua!!! xxxx


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              Every good wish for good outcomes with your exhibition, ya Chinwiya, we will make du3a for you, of course. Try to be relaxed about it if you can, it's the end of a lot of study and learning so it's not just an ordeal, it's a celebration too! mabrouk, I hope that you'll find time to enjoy your achievement.


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                oh wow... that's AWESOME!!

                inshaAllah whoever will assess your work will have to be torn away from the exhibition and will have to wear a bib for 3 months due to excessive drooling

                what are you exhibiting anyways?


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                  my exhibitons are my art work darling.... i will post fotos wen ive time ok xx i will let u know my grade tomoro it wen i will find out....


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                    lol i know it's art, bas what kind of art... painting? photography? drawing?

                    ya salam... i dreamed of being an artist when i was a kid... oh well


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                      lol.... its fine art/3d fasion and graphics woooohooooooooo


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                        niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.... man i wish i knew how to do that

                        yallah waiting for some pics


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                          lol gimme time ama do it xx


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