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  • some tips please

    I will be going to Algeria in a months time inshallah. However, since this is my first time (having just got married recently) and i'm not Algerian (Im Indian) so im actually quite worried and scared! It's the firts time i will be meeting my husbands family an i dont know what to expect in terms of culture etc. He told me that I must greet his uncle by kissing them four time but I am very uncomfortable with that since they are not mahram to me.

    Also I feel that I will be the only Indian in Algeria!! Im going to feel so out of place!! Maybe people will look down on me.

    please help!

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    Try to read about Algerian style/tradition is a first step. Check also cuisine section if ever you will help preparing a meal. They have to be polite towards you too. It is not that only you have to adjust.

    I hope anyone else can add some tips that would be nice.

    Good luck!


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      Congratulations ! I hope you will enjoy your trip to Algeria..

      Don't worry about traditions, you are not Algerian, I think your family in law will understand that, just be simple, you will get used to the new life, once here, your husband will tell you more, and you will learn more from here... it's different from region to region, sometimes, the first contact is difficult even for Algerian when they get married with someone from another area..

      Regarding greeting, in Algeria it's a ''sign of respect'' especially with old people, some, kiss the head instead of cheeks...I'm talking about Tradition not Religion...what I can advise you, if you are wearing hidjab, be intelligent and try to cover a big part of your face with a scarf to avoid a direct contact, he will not notice anything, or he will think that it is your way of greeting too ....

      Be patient the first weeks, do not judge, Algeria is not India and vice versa... the most important is that: you are happy with your husband, and you accept each other...good luck


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        Hey Muslimah23, dont stress yourself. It is rare to see indians in algeria (generally loads of chinese) but you do bump into the odd few. My best friend was in your situation, but she absolutely loved her visit. About the greeting kiss, i find its very clean hearted and its our tradition (strange i know), but generally if you just offer them your hand they will get the hint and not kiss.
        As for looking down on you i doubt it very much. If you attend any weddings you will see that they love dressing up in sarees, so i think it would be great if you went in a lovely saree with all the bangles, you will be authentic lol.
        Algerian families are very respectful, and at the end of the day you are their sons wife, they will respect you and love you (even if they dont like you much) just to please their son.
        I hope you enjoy your visit and it will be the first of many inchalah. xx


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