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A Sionist view about Algeria

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  • A Sionist view about Algeria

    The author of these columns has excellent relations with the sionists : Betar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Salim Mansur | Columnists | Comment | Toronto Sun

    Basically, what he is saying is that colonial rule was better for us than our current situation. It seems that he visited Algeria recently and is ignorant of its history. It takes time and a lot of “trial and error” to build a developed country from scratch. Algerians started building their society in 1962, they were not maintaining anything. The author truly thinks that he is a smart guy though.

    For the author we are backward people who deserved to be treated the way we have been during the colonization. He genuinely thinks this way.

    I always thought and still think that the most racist people are not necessarily white, that's because they hate their origins more than anyone else.

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    He says very little about the Casbah, the entire article is just a peg for him to hang one of his rants on, eh? The title suggests that we might learn something about the Casbah, instead we are subjected to his personal opinions on why a young nation has not yet overcome the legacy of colonialism.

    And what a shallow reading of the nature of colonialism, as if the 'masters' depart from a war-shattered nation which is then 'free' to immediately join enthusiastically in global economic competition on an equal footing with all the nations whose economic power and political influence was built on the blood and the resources of peoples who had been deliberately beggared by colonialism.

    Whatever he might think of himself, he is no intellectual, just an exotic pet trained - or who has trained himself - to squawk in a way that pleases his employers, perhaps. There is no pleasure to be gained from viewing a deracinated misfit's licking of colonial boots and displaying zero knowledge of the nature and destructive effects - social, political, economic, psychological and cultural - of colonialism.

    How telling that his parting words to his Algerian companions were delivered in an observation that the poor French were relieved of a 'burden' when they disengaged militarily from Algeria. Same old White Man's Burden, eh? There will always be those who beat the drum for it.


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      I agree 100%.


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