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Differences between the host countries

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  • Differences between the host countries

    I'd like to launch a new thread to discuss about the way Algerians are welcomed in different western countries.

    I start with a question:

    Do you have the double nationality like we do in France ?
    I mean I am both Algerian and French ... je sais aussi que l'on ne peut être déchue de sa nationalité algérienne à moins de le demander expréssement.
    Je sais aussi qu'un enfant né d'un couple mixte ne peut être algérien QUE si le père l'est. Pas la mère.

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    Je viens d'apprendre qu'une nouvelle loi le permet dorénavant. Good news !



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      You can be a dual citizen if you live in the US... same thing for your kids. Racism targeted specifically towards Algerians (like in France) does not exist in the US... Algerians are lumped with Muslims and Arabs when they fall victims of racism.... that's what I think.
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        I think, it's the same in France ... (or I didn't get your idea).


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          I'm pretty sure you can be dual nationality in the UK, or at least you can have a passport for both.


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            Thanks for answering, Felicity ...


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              yes it is possible, actually the visa they give to algerians is a window of 90 days to get in the USA , once you are in , they give a small piece of paper telling you you could stay for 6 months, and that you could extend just by calling them or going to the immigration building, the first extension they dont ask too many questions but i think you have to give them a reason, im speaking of a personal experience (immediate family visiting me here)
              قطيع نحن والجزار راعينا ، ومنفيون نمشي في أراضينا ،
              ونحمل نعشنا قسرا بأيدينا , ونعرب عن تعازينا لنا فينا ،


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                Thank You .


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