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I've left my car in Algeria !!

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  • I've left my car in Algeria !!

    Salam Aalikoum

    I live in England and last summer i have drove to Algeria by car, I entered Algeria as a tourist from Algiers Port and got the certificate to stay for three months before its expired. On the 2nd month I went into a major accident and saw the death between my eyes but alhamdoullilah i survived ... The car was badly damaged and didn't have any money to fix it or to take it out from Algeria, So i've escaped out and that was my only option because i'm a student and my studies has started so i had to escape out ...

    Now the question, if i come back again will there be any problems for me!? what's the solution ? Many people are saying to me ill do three years in jail !! is that because i've left a bargain car that costs no more then 3 grands !!? any one knows the real laws and let me know what shall i do next?

    thanks in advance


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    You cannot be a novice in Algeria, if you drive you gotta drive like others there because none cares about instructions
    If you know anyone in there, send him to check all that out for you but if you don't then ehm I don't know but I don't think you should go just to get it back. Well if you know someone who's in a certain kind of position there it'd help a lot... get in touch with solicitors there if you can, call them up and ask them for advice... Hope that helps...


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      If you were in an accident then you should be able to take the accident report or some kind of proof from the garage who repaired it that the accident had occurred, then just explain to the authorities. Perhaps you could ask at the consulate of wherever you study for more advice?


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        thanks a lot guyz !! you have shown effort

        i've got the police pv and the expert raport and took them to the port but they were looking for rachwa " na3ala allah arachi wel mortachi " ... they forced me indirectly to run away ...


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          Excuse my ignorance, but what does rachwa " na3ala allah arachi wel mortachi " . mean.


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            Originally posted by Aayesha View Post
            Excuse my ignorance, but what does rachwa " na3ala allah arachi wel mortachi " . mean.
            rachwa is the arabic word for a "bribe"
            قطيع نحن والجزار راعينا ، ومنفيون نمشي في أراضينا ،
            ونحمل نعشنا قسرا بأيدينا , ونعرب عن تعازينا لنا فينا ،


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