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Friendship/Love story...need feedback.

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  • Friendship/Love story...need feedback.

    Hello everybody,

    I am writing my first post to ask Algerians about my friendship/love story and trying to get some positive feedback .

    I am living in a gulf country, and I have met an Algerian girl living in France through Facebook, and we started talking in internet and over the phone, we liked each other and we kept it going for two months.

    After that she moved to the country where I live looking for a job (she was moving anyway not for me), we met in the beginning, all was fine, we use to meet so often, then she started having a lot of friends, so we started to meet less, and whenever we meet her phone never stops ringing and she use to answer to her new FRIENDS.

    This was driving me crazy and I got angry so many times for that, then she started going out with khaliji people as friends (this is her version) for private parties and parties in boats till the morning. In the beginning, I thought it is a matter of time but this did not stop (Parties, new friends, going out every day, phone never stop ringing). After that, the way she talks to me has changed because (as per her words): YOU ARE ALGERIAN, AND ALGERIANS ARE NOT SWEET TALKED LIKE OTHERS (her new friends).

    We got a big fight, because she always out with a khaliji friend till late night, and we said big words to each other, and we ended a nice starting story.

    And I am still thinking if this is normal or I am close minded person.

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    She just wasn't for you - enjoy the good times that you had and just move on. You're not closed minded, I'd be mad if my significant other paid more attention to his friends and partying than me.


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      You're not a close minded person mate, its good to end it today better than tomorrow... who knows!
      move on and don't think about her... as Bent_Bladi said: She just wasn't for you.
      Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we're here we should dance.


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        I agree

        hi i am new here and have just read your story i agree you should move on as hard as it may be. i have just met an algerian man online we have chatted online spoken on phone txt messages and all sorts he has found himself a special place in my heart infact i would go as far as saying yes i love him so much so he is coming to uk depending on visa acceptance very soon i wouldnt go out with friends and leave him i think to much of him to do that i would invite him and if he didnt want to go then i wouldnt go either you can always make new friends but true love is hard to find i wish you all the very best and hope you can meet someone you are meant to be with soon she obviously wasnt the one for you
        all the best


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          Algerian jijel


          I am new here - Please can you tell me more about what Algerian men are like from Jijel? Well his mum and dad and grandfather are from jijel.

          He was born in Bologhine beb el oued Algiers - please can you tell me more about the people from there are they trust worthy etc how are those people like generally?

          His family name is Kissoum if that helps - I am trying to find out more about this man i met online he is in the uk with a french passport


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