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how do i become a permanent resident/resident of algeria?????

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  • how do i become a permanent resident/resident of algeria?????


    i'm new to the community so any help that anyone can provide will be much appreciated as i expect to be posting several questions about moving to algeria in the future.

    i'm from the states and my boyfriend/fiance lives in algeria. i've visited him in algeria using the 90-day tourist visa but i was wondering how i would stay in algeria for a longer period of time. we would like to marry in algeria and i would like to stay for maybe two to four years. what is the process? i would have to apply for another tourist visa in order to get to algeria to marry him but what are my options after the marriage? is there an adjustment of status or resident application that we can send? do i have to leave the country during the application process or can i stay (i hope i wouldn't have to leave if we just got married but i don't know!)?

    i haven't had any luck in finding information online about how to become a resident or permanent resident of algeria.

    can anyone on here please provide me with this information? i'd really love to live in algeria for a few years and not just for 90 days, especially after getting married. also, if you know of any websites to direct me to, that would really help.

    i've looked at algeria websites and i hear people in general and expats say they've been there for a year, two years, etc., but no one ever talks about the process or how they got to stay in algeria for that long.

    any and all help is appreciated.


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