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Some questions regarding marriage (in Algeria)

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  • Some questions regarding marriage (in Algeria)

    Hi all. Sorry for starting a new topic in my first post, I know that's a general faux-pas in forum communities.

    I'm of algerian heritage, my father is algerian and my mother is norweigan, I'm however grown up in Norway and I've lived here my entire life. I've however visited Algeria like once a year every year so far, so I'm very familiar with Algeria and the people there of course regard me as a bit of an outsider but they still love me very, very much and I'm oddly enough extremly popular.

    Now, my entire life I've always been mentally set that I will get an algerian wife eventually and I've always said that to my family (in Algeria) when they jokingly ask when I'm gonna settle down and get married or if I want an norweigan gf/wife or an algerian gf/wife.

    Okay, so here comes the question. Whenever I say that I'm of course gonna marry an Algerian wife, the married ladies (like aunts, older cousins, misc relatives) always gets excited and asks if they should start "looking for a wife" and I've always kind of said not yet or avoided the question a bit. Now, my question is what exactly does "looking for a wife" mean in a literal sense?

    I mean, I'm not a moron, I get that it's a bit like an arranged marriage or something, where they will keep their ears out if there's a candidate that is looking for marriage and that might be a good match with/for me, but what exactly what will happen if I give a serious "hey yeah, go look for a wife for me"? Because I am now a bit in that situation, I've gotten older (just turned 26 ) and I've gained good economy and everywhere my friends are getting married and having children.

    What's the process like, how does it all work and is it a common thing in Algeria? That's my questions I suppose.

    Furthermore I speak crappy arabic (I understand regular conversation good though) and as I wrote earlier, I'm not really in contact with Algeria more than a few weeks a year so it's very hard for me to achieve anything without a bit of help or direction.
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    a salut from algeria

    saha ramdhank then as an algerian .i would love to explain to you what your family mean . it means they will search for girls that are in the age of marreige then they will show them to you and if you accepted one of them and so she you ll get marreid . not instantely of course after a lot of algerian tradition as the meaning time you cane speak to the women you choosed and get to know her more but i advice you sense you don t speak arabic crrectly to tell your aunt to search for a women who speak english and if you speak french it will be better because most of the algerians speak french
    hopefully you will invite us to the wedding