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  • Help and or advice needed please

    Hello there i am new to site reason for joining is that i need some advice please
    i have met this wonderful algerian man infact he is a police officer in algeria we met online a few months ago since then we have spoke every day either by online telephone or txt i am scottish and obviously he is algerian i have grown to love this man over the time we have spoken he has applied for visa to come here for a visit just waiting to hear about iti have read online a lot of horror stories about algerian men and the way they treat women but in my estimation this man whom i have grown to love to love is just the opposite hes kind caring loving just a wonderful man so im going on my own instincts am i right or wrong in this because if things work out for us we plan to marry and either him stay in the uk or we move to algeria either way we arent bothered so long as we are together and no im not a young girl who doesnt know what shes talking about im 45 and he is 40
    thank you for any advice given

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    It is hard to say how things will go because people can be who they want on the internet and you are at a disadvantage being in 2 different countries. I am talking in general about internet relationships. Until you meet him and spend time with him in person to experience his behaviors no one can say he will be a good or bad match for you. If after you meet him and things go well you could perhaps visit his family or at least have some conversations with them via skype before committing to marriage it would be helpful. It would also be good to have some knowledge of Algerian/Islamic culture. Hope I helped a little. I wish you good luck Insha'allah(God Willing).


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