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Nostalgia of the past.........

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  • Nostalgia of the past.........

    Hi all

    Dont you find this new trend of political power amazing?

    am talking about the repeblicans regimes who transfer the power from fathers to sons as in monarchy way of life...amazing isnt it? and its got "a la mode"

    - Syria from hafez to bachaar (assad's kingdom)
    - North koria (kim father to kim son) kim's kingdom
    - Azerbaijan (aliev kingdom)
    - Zaire (kabila kingdom...)
    - Bush Jenior (elections....?!)

    of course we know about jordan and morocco saudi and all golf balls...its already normal process....but how about the new Kadafi...any new boumentel??


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    Slow but not hopeless !

    It takes monthsd and months of daily posts to get you to think or realize I guess. Now, if you answer these questions, you will understand why Baath and other machines needed to be destroyed !

    The FLN has obviously lost its credibility and 1954 legitimacy after 40 years of ..... Why is it then that it is so disputed, and why is it a majority party? Does anyone have a crystal ball or a deck of magic cards or simply some insight and common sense ? While I am very clear about ZB methods of stealing this black box(FLN), I still do not understand or know what's in the box? - I also read in Liberte', that the SNM (Magistrats Union) in congress now, will not refurbish itself until past April 2004 even after last week's violation of law by active members, and in a political dispute case. What relevance would a 2004 vote have ? Isn't it a call for a general boycott and another illegitimate government? Isn't the current situation exactly the same as the one of 1991? Is there a difference between FLN(both wings) and FIS(both wings) ? - Is 2004 about the choice of wing or is it about democracy ? I am preparing an article, any input will be appreciated.


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      the Right of Power

      Oops the Azerbaijan election is only on the 15.10.2003

      so lets see the
      - Eygyptian election for Mubarek Kingdom
      - Lybian election for the Gadafi Kingdom

      wouldn't be easier ton change the regime from republic to a monarchy....

      anyway the wold "khilafa" has at least two meaning
      1- is transfer of power (replacement)
      2- fighting for power (?)

      "the power has never been a gift you have to fight for it"


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        Twisted logic !


        Are you serious or trying to scare people? - Kingdom in Algeria is as easy as finding an equilibrium to purimid on its head ! As to the Algerian Kingdom, requires you and kingdomates to get your swords out and get YOUR QUEEN's honneur back, i.e. siege on DAMACUS ! Then you can claim the CROWN ! - Before you would be able to claim to be a noble man, you need to claim your NAME. Ride yourself of Bin Ben Ould, etc. and set back your AIT or NTH !

        One thing Kings do is marry CLEAN Bloog line and CLEAN NAMES. Ould Bin Ben are aquisitions or PUBLIC DOMAINE in North Africa ! That was NAPOLEAN's PROJECT ! a tiny mini-baguette like Histler, and another you kown who ! Bagdad is blown by free Iraqis and US SCUDS, but that is not necessary in Algeria there are enough military academies to preserve the R E P U B L I C A ! I don't know where you get your news, but I am sure that without the Army, Algerian journalists would be finished by ZB already ! You sound like a moroccan, in need of a husband-king ! ALgeros need Queens ! incompatible with your khalifa moha logic !


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          Hello Readers!
          did my post scare you ?


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