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    Why Bouteflika has got to go:


    1. The attempts to remove borderline with Tarif free
    commerce -> Movement of capital
    2. Fall of Soviets -> Two military poles(US-China)
    3. Emergence of EU -> Economic war with US
    4. Islamic Terrorism a reality -> Arab world must change.

    Major Actors:
    1.USA 2.EU 3.Asia 4.Middle East 5.Africa

    1.Economy 2.Security 3.Geography 4.Democracy

    Economy: Natural resources/energy, Human resources, Capital.
    Security: Democracy, economy, Culture.
    Geography: Strategic location, natural resources.
    Democracy: Culture, history, regime.

    Major conflicts:
    Territorial: Palestine-Israel, Algeria-Morroco.
    Economical : EU - USA on commerce and energy.


    Algeria-Africa: War on povrety & Economical initiatives.
    Algeria-Middle East: Diplomatic
    Algeria-Asia: Ideological
    Algeria-Europe: Energy dependancy, History.


    USA: Secure energy with open market ->Democratic
    competition of US corps against Euro corps.
    Democratize and rebuild Iraq.
    Democratize and secure Algeria and Africa.
    China: Engage open market economy->Develop partners
    EU: Sabottage American Products, corrupt arabs and
    screw/exploit Africans.

    Name of the game: United Nations/World Bank.


    EU: Via France acqire Arab priviledge
    -> Promote Arab kingdoms and khalifats Baath ideology.
    -> Trouble Algeria in its internal affairs(combat
    Kabyles, recognize islamists).
    -> Amplify Polisario and conflit with Morocco.
    -> Use Algeria for free diplomatic access to Arab world.
    -> Maintain dictators in Africa.
    -> Keep Africa unproductive and depend on EU exports.
    -> Value and sell French UN vote,
    Necessary Conditions:
    -> Keep American products out!
    -> Serve as proxy between Americans and Africans and
    Baath world(idiots:Algeria & Iraq)
    -> Keep conflicts everywhere alive, by telling one
    story to French Jews and another to Arabs via
    Why Algeria? Because Algeria had conflict since 1958!

    US: Liberate Arabs from Baath/Khalifat hytopia into
    How: Weaken kingdoms
    -> Implement most most capable one(Iraq)
    -> Encourage ready ones (Algeria & Tunisia)
    Syria, Lybia, morocco will follow effect.
    -> Secure Africans from EU sponsored Afro-dictators
    and Islamists terrorists.
    -> Give voice to African democrats.
    -> Remove African dependancy on France at Security
    -> Use Africa as a nearby production facility (Access
    platform to EU) and injection of capital in Africa
    for African resources to be WORKED with AFRICAN
    People, instead of export to EU of natural
    resources and import finished products.


    1. Algeria to meet Israel: Formal apology of Israelis to
    the Algerian people for their objection to Algerian
    Soverenety between 1958 and 1962. Pleadge unconditional
    Necessary condition: US to push Israel to it and help
    Algeria out of conflicts.

    2. Algeria to elect a TRUE DEMOCRATIC and REFORMIST
    President without religious/islamic blockage to deal
    with Israelis. BOUTEFLIKA NEEDS TO GO !
    3. Increase support of US to Algeria in all fronts:
    a.economic: Algeria to reform laws, welcome US Business
    in Europ to North and south Africa(2 poles).
    b.diplomatic: US to support Algeria.
    c.cultural: Support Citizen's movement and cultivate
    American-like Republic and democracy.
    d.Engage Algerian Army in mixed exercise. Add a common
    mission to Iraq for peace keeping instead of French.
    e.Block French sponsored conflict on Polisario.
    1. Politically: Done (plan Baker)
    2. <ilitarily: US Bases in Tindouf.

    Algerians to do their part.
    1. Help Americans with Afro-Asian and Arab votes.
    2. Switch Energy partners(redirect Energy sent to Europe
    towards US).
    3. Solve Palestine-Israel Puzzle with double pressure
    a. US support and pressure Israel
    b. Algeria support and pressure Palestine
    4. Solve Euro-American conflict

    a. Moroccan dependency on N. Africa will bring reforms.
    -> North African Union possibility
    b. Progressive freedom of African consumption of European
    products and reduction of Euro-Exports. American
    products cheaper to produce in Africa->competetive in
    Euro markets produced and exported from Africa.
    c. Reverse Algerian dependancy on France into French
    Dependancy on Algeria politically and economically.
    d. Democrartize rest of North Africa

    Algeria better position than in 1832.

    North African Union in addition to being geographically central gain central role politically and economically.

    Then France is ACQUIRED with Science not with Qoran. They multiply or even ADOPT Islam, Arabic and terrorism as mean of survival, and ALgeria return to its IDENTITY.

    Most of these are in the make. Old Algerian regime dreams of Sultanates/Emirates sponsored by Francia and Germany to keep its protector role. They call Kabyles, Touaregs and Mazbs Berberes and the rest Arabe and all Musulmans, not because we are either, but because it fits their interst !

    They deny Jugurtha who brought them to the Roman Republic, and Augustine who taught them the meaning of Christianity, to keep North Africa UNDER !

    Somehow, Italians with whom we have 3000 years of history do not treat us but as equals, and the Frenchies call us Arabo-musulmans ! They even changed our names from noble ones to french spelled Arabo-n'importe quoi ! Bou this, bin that, and old that ! What they did is trim the Amazigh(noble term) Nath(of) mark of nobelty and conection to the territory to destroy our identity, and acquire that same territory ! IT IS WHAT THE WAR OF INDEPENDANCE AND LIBERATION IS ALL ABOUT ! THE ONLY WAY TO HONOR THE MARTYRS OF 1954-1962 is to ELECT A TRUE DEMOCRATIC AND ANTI ALL OF THAT PERSON, and Bouteflika is definately not it !
    HE IS RECRUITING HIMSELF RIGHT NOW AS THE SUPER EMIR of the Hattabs and el PARAs through Belhaj and Co. ! The army seems to have understood the name of the game: They removed terrorists, they acquired US alliance and set Bouteflika-Ouyahia for economic(ouyahia) and democratic(bouteflika) reforms. They failed.

    Algeria needs: SAID - Benflis in some configuration !

    Bouteflika, Zerhouni, Belkhadem TRIO and their Iranian connexion: TO JAIL for high trahision !
    Take care

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