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  • Whasssssssssup

    Salam alaik to my peeps howz it going? I have been on the net long enuff to throw some pictures up take a peek.I am very much a pipsqueak I come in at 5'2 110 pounds but I'm healthy and strong as I can be.Anyway there's so much going on here that I have to tell you I have been traveling the states seeing the sites from computer to computer -I'm so addicted to the net and have been to Kentucky to surf boards, and all over (no job I just browse internet why not?) Hmm? So if you wanna check out my site it has some more photos and poems on it, sometiems it works sometimes it doesn't.Have a look and if you like it sign the book.

    Also I have a good taste for poetry writing and am a good writer I'm told so if you can share or critique my poems drop me a e-mail [email protected]

    LOL I recently had an offer to go to Turkey but I passed it up because it was a one way ticket.I dreamed about the flight in.But decided to hang around where I normally go to Fort Lauderdale,Miami and Panama City areas.

    nice site BTW so kudos to you

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