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    Once upon a time in a land far away there lived a Mr P. He was an ok dude, went about his business with his family.

    However, one day, suddenly 2 big guys showed up at his doorstep. "Hello, I'm Mr A and this is Mr U" one of them said.

    "Nice to meet you Mr A and Mr U, but what do you want? Why have you come all this way?"

    "Well" said Mr A., "we've decided to take away some of your house"

    "What?" asked Mr P. "You heard me" said Mr A. "You will have a new lodger living in your house. He'll be living in the Master Bedroom."
    "Hang on a sec" retorted Mr P, "this is my house and I don't want him here!"

    "Well tough. We say and you cant stop us" Mr A and U said together. After all, they were both much bigger and younger than Mr P. "And here he is!" From behind them out stepped a very small man, "this is Mr I."

    Within days, Mr I hadmoved in and made the Master bedroom his own. A few days later, Mr P found a new lock on the bathroom and toilet door. "Mr I. how the hell are my family supposed to live without a bathroom?"

    "Hey Mr P, chill out. No-one said you couldn't use it, but you just need to ask me for the key". So every time Mr P or his family needed the bog, they had to ask Mr I. It wasn't long before the kitchen and downstairs rooms were under lock and key too. And it was Mr I's children who were moving into all the different parts of the house. Mr P's poor family were left huddled into one bedroom. When Mr P tried to go into one of the other rooms without Mr I's permission, Mr A and Mr U came over and beat him up.

    One day, Mr P had no water and so asked Mr I to allow him into the kitchen. "No" said Mr I, "you can have one bottle of water for the week. That's it."

    Mr P had just about had enough. His friends sympathised and said comforting words, but did nothing to help. "Please help me, there are so many of you, and he is but one lodger. You could all get him out" pleaded Mr P.

    "Er... yeah... we would help, we really want to but at the moment we can't. We'll have a few meetings and see what we can do" his 'friends' said together. Mr P later found out that they were all being paid by Mr A and Mr U not to help!

    One day, Mr P found 3 of his kids dead, having tried to get some water from the kitchen. Mr I said he had shot them for trespassing and said he was within his rights to do so. "But I still want to be your friend, Mr P" he said.

    But what could Mr P do? As his family was slowly washed away, his friends just sat and watched. Mr A and Mr U had big smiles on their faces, as did Mr I.

    One day Mr P was found dead in front of the bathroom, with a gunshot wound in his head. "He was trying to go to the bathroom without my permission. I didn't want to kill him though" said Mr I. "Then why did you shoot him in the head?" cried Mr P's children. Mr I just shrugged his shoulders and walked off.

    Angered and upset at what had been happening over the last few years, one of Mr P's children strapped a can of exploding paint onto himself, broke into Mr I's bedroom and blew it up, painting himself as well as Mr I's children. Mr I got so angry he killed all but one of Mr P's children, in "retaliation" and "revenge".
    The End.

    Does the story ring any bells? Sound like anything familiar? May Allaah (swt) help our brothers and sisters in need.
    Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.

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    Thats exactly what happened and whats happening in the world Luvlynadia. May Allah grant Mr P and all his brothers and sisters in the world their houses back. Ameen.

    Thanx for the post Luvlynadia. Take care.



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