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  • Er what is an Arabian nights type adventure? Sounds fun so probably not! What did the guy do to you?


    • lol - nothing... i came up with that question cuz of a dream i had

      Arabian nights adventure? i honestly don't know heh... it probably only happens in dreams

      What's your dream car?


      • A jeep. What is the significance of your avatar?


        • uh, nothing really --- i just thought that picture was funny (she's saying in a fala7i accent "mom, where'd u say i can find the market)

          and those two flags on the bottoms represent my nationality (palestine/syria)

          How about your avatar? (it's super cute, by the way)


          • I don't know what it is - I saw it and thought it was kind of strange so I took it.

            Next question..... When you first saw this smilie, did you think he was swinging his pants or one of those football thingies?


            • LOOOOOOOOOOL! no, i *knew* he was swinging a masba7a

              (but i saw one like it w/out the arab gear and i thought it was swinging it's underwear, lol )

              do you have any pets?


              • I did put a costume on and played a little charlie chaplin show to surprise my father on his was fun..!!

                what do you fear most??


                • Small fears: feet (especially male, ESPECIALLY sweaty/hairy) and spiders (in every size, shape, form... even a picture of one - i can't even touch the screen to hide the image)

                  Big fears: parents being mad at me, not dying as a muslim

                  ps: the person who posts a spider pic on here after reading this is toast

                  k... um --- what type of phone do you have?


                  • Don't have one yet...
                    if you had to get surgery where would you start?


                    • surgery? like plastic? or life/death surgery?

                      plastic surgery - nowhere... yeah be jealous (jk)

                      life/death surgery - anywhere... shoot, it's my life we're talking bout here !!

                      How do you deal with a teacher that hates you?


                      • Keep repeating EVERY word she says!

                        How much money do you have hidden away?


                        • lol!

                          um, i'd have to say about 75 cents

                          Have you ever been peed on?(list the times and the people/animals that peed on you )


                          • Yes, living in Algeria and having to master 'the squat' over the 'hole in the ground', without touching the walls, with legs trembling and no lock on the door I have often peed into my own shoes. I realise that it is supposed to be more hygienic as your derriere does not touch a seat but I'm not sure that peeing in one's shoes is hygienic either!!!

                            Q for next person:
                            What is the thing you love most about Algeria?
                            I apologise if this has been asked before but so far I haven't found the time to check out all the other 57 pages!!!!


                            • ah! i don't really know - i've never been there :s... but from pictures i'd say zee landscape

                              what's the longest amount of time you've "survived" without sleep?


                              • very interesting game, shall i participate even if am brand new to the forum?

                                well, 49 hours, years back when i had the senior project presentation Grd year in the university

                                Would you marry a "shorter than you" man?( i don't mean like 2 cm, am taling like8 to 10 cm


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