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Marrying an Algerian Man :)

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    Originally posted by Sumayah View Post
    Dear all,

    Marriage is not a bed of roses, roses have thorns and need to be nutured.... Like anything else your decision will have to be based on mututal love and respect.

    Can he live in Europe, or the West or do you have to Live in Algeria?

    Can you live in Algeria? And give up your social networks and family?

    Algerian men are very traditional, once married they will want you to be the queen of the house, and look after the kids. His values are a mixture of culture and Islam. They do not necessarily see a conflict between religion and culture. It is the same for Westerners, we might not realise how much our culture and identity is a mixture of faith, culture and values.

    This is someting you will discover, if you revert to Islam. Take this part of your relationship seriously....It is a spiritual path for your soul, not your husband's. Do it for yourself...Not for your husband.

    A Muslim man can marry a chaste, woman of the book. Meaning, if you are a practicing Jewish or Christian woman he can marry you, there is no requirement to convert. If he to persuade you otherwise seek advice. If he is trying to control this part of your spiritual life....Question his motives, and yours. Do you think he will try to control you in other ways?

    Many marriages end in divorce becaue we enter them with rose coloured glasses. Blind to the character flaws of our spouse.

    Can you see this man making you tea in the morning? Helping with the kids? Putting up with your mood swings?
    Can he accept your family? What if they drink wine? Or Don't agree with your decision to marry a Muslim man?

    Reflect, all these issues and discuss it before you marry - and if you are married. Work out how to talk to each other.
    Remember in the heat of an argument to listen....When someone is angry, If anger meets anger it explodes but if anger meets heart and a listening ear...Anger melts.

    If you were charmed by his good looks and kind manners welcome to the Algerian Wives club
    A final reminder....
    He will adore his mother...The best advice I can give is ask your mother in law to teach you how to make cous cous, and if you are a good baker, learn to make the lovely Algerian Algerian Cuisine Cuisine Algerienne by Farid ZADI: Pastries and Desserts for Eid.

    I pray your marriage will be long and happy and blessed with beautiful children ameen.
    hi ms. sumaya,
    i have algerian boyfriend,we really love each other and we had plans of marrying in the future. we had a small fight that ended up changing his decision about marrying me, he still wants to pursue the marriage but no particular time, i really love him but what can i do to make him love me the same way again?i dont want to lose him. we had plans to marry after a few months time, and im scared by the time it comes he doesnt want to marry me anymore just because of the small fight we had. please give me some advise.



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      positivity brings happiness

      I think it is great seeing so much positivity and maturity. I have been reading many posts on this forum, and I really like this reply. I have been dating an Algerian Man online since 1 1/2 years now. I am a very energetic and young 50 year old, and my boyfriend, and hopefully soon to be Husband, is 10 years younger. I also live in Canada, but was born and raised in Germany. I so very much enjoy his values and Culture he shares, mind you he said he is not very traditional, which I also enjoy. What I have found so far was a very respectful, straight forward, amazing Man. Many warn me about online dating, but if I worry about everything I may stop breathing. Happiness comes from positivity and hard work, and nothing is fool prove. We just have to believe and trust, an have Faith.
      Originally posted by dizzy_wizzy View Post
      I hope that my words give you some peace of mind.

      I have been married to an Algerian man going on 7 1/2 years now. I did the whole sponsorship thing, was denied, appealed, and waited and now he is soon to be a Canadian Citizen. Time sure does fly when you're having fun. I suppose there's lots to worry about, whether he will leave you at the airport, will he leave you after 3 yrs, will he leave you once he becomes a Canadian Citizen... and so on. A person can spend their whole life wasted in worry. Try not to worry so much. Be honest, discuss these things with him beforehand, if one of you is not upfront about something now, you will pay for it later. Be brave. Trust your instincts. Do what you want to do and if it fails it is not the end of your world. If he cheats and lies and scams you, do you not believe he will pay on his death bed? Ofcourse he will ! Just live, and be happy, and work towards a positive future minus the worry.

      When we were discussing marriage I agreed to have children even though I had two grown children from a previous marriage but I decided to leave it up to him.
      After contemplating it for 2 1/2 years we decided no children for us. Got my tubes tied - what a relief ! It took 2 1/2 years of me trying to read his reaction to the same question - do you want babies. Finally I scheduled the appointment and he did not stop me. It was afterwards that he expressed his relief was as great as mine.

      Lastly, most men in general want children, but we can't say with certainty that all do.
      As for beauty, it's in the eye of the beholder. I'm not stunning but he would be hard pressed to replace me lol Love comes after day and night of serving one another.
      People lean towards the sun, towards positive things, towards happy people, not insecure people. Be secure in yourself and your decision and everything else will fall into place

      I was really lucky. I married the best of the best. He might not be perfect, but he is perfect for me. I wish the same for you.

      May God bless you with all the things that make you happy.


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        Originally posted by Mahdiyyah View Post
        Dear Mini,
        I am a 34 year old English girl and I married an Algerian man a year ago and as they refused his entry to the UK to live with me, I gave up my flat, my career and my friends and moved to Algeria 6 weeks ago for good. I recognise those wonderful characteristics of respect and consideration in my husband and have met others who show this trait. I have been fortunate to only have met one Algerian man who didn't treat his wife well, although, as has already been mentioned, there is good and bad everywhere. If you are marrying him then I hope that you already know him well enough to have made that commitment and I wish you all the happiness in the world.
        Best wishes

        Salam Mahdiyyah, I am also moving to Algeria from England very soon. I want to meet new friends there.


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          Hi there
          I would like to ask if someone can help me with more info about marriage in the UK for algerian man
          My husband is algerian I am bulgarian(I have EU citizenship)
          He already overstayed his visa
          I red a lot but I will appreciate every even little help with more info about the documents we need ,lay to do them and all the process
          Thank you a lot


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            Can not express how happy i am to have found this forum. I fell in love with an Algerian 7 months ago, we plan to marry in a few years, both still young and in education thats why. There is so much to learn and some of it I can do here at this forum. <3

            advice welcome. xxxx


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