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Getting married in 4 weeks...

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    Just like the little baklawa they give out in boxes and other almondy things. Photos are gooooood, so good for visas and such like too


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      We had loads of different cakes and biscuit things that people brought; they were bnina!! We were eating them all week. It is a good job my husband likes an ample behind as I have no hope of slimming while in Algeria!


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        Congratulations on your marriage

        My experience of getting married in Algieria was far from romantic (although when I tell people our story they think it is) We had 2 days before my flight home before the Algerian paperwork came through so it was a quick trip to their equivalant of a registrar then dinner with the family and tea and cakes for the extended rellies the next day, then on a plane home by myself!

        We were very lucky though in the end. I had to find a new job when I came home before he could apply for a visa. But in the end 2 months later he got his visa no problem (apart from having to make the trip to Tunisia to do it because they didn't have a proper Embassy in Algieria at the time). So were back together in the UK and married less than a year after meeting!

        So I wish you all the best in your future



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