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what documents i need to marry an algerian ( iam USA citizen )

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  • what documents i need to marry an algerian ( iam USA citizen )

    what are all documents and papers i need to get marry with an algerian in algeria
    thank you...

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    As you're already IN Algeria, that shouldn't be a hard question for you to get help with there, should it ?


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      you telling me dont ask a question?
      or you dont like my question?
      do you?


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        Meaning - step away from your PC, go outside, walk to the nearest office where people can tell you all that you need to know, and give up hoping that a flock of women is going to respond to you here.


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          well well

          thank you for your advice super moderator
          we already asked for the papers in algeria
          the thing is that what we found on the net is more of what algerian worker on the administration told us to bring
          so its weird
          thats why we are here asking to comfirm the informations
          could you help plz?? or only comments?


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            You can contact :

            I'm sure that someone there won't mind giving you some of their time to sort out your difficulties.


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              i give up on this website?
              i will never get the answer here?


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                Probably not. Probably most people will look at this thread and think "He's already in Algeria, what is he coming here for when he could approach the relevant authorities himself ?"

                You could see their point, hien ?


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                  are u an algerian?

                  cuz every time u ask for somthing in algeria they will tell u to contact another place till you get tire then in the end you find what you was looking for in the 1st place you was asking on
                  and they will tell you that you just did asked the wrong guy
                  so plz
                  thank you moderator for you advice anyway
                  i will wait till some one answer me here or in other website
                  i will go to sleep now


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                    Vous avez la solution - revenez au premier endroit où vous avez posé la question.

                    Dors bien.


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                      If you look through the threads then there are many helpful people who have listed everything you will need. However, it is always better to ask the local authorities as there can be big differences between the Wilayas.


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