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Looking for a way to settle in Algeria

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  • Looking for a way to settle in Algeria

    assalaamu alaykum

    I'm a Chinese muslim who married an Algerian. We are planning to move to live in Algeria soon, so right now I am looking for information of settling my papers there after we will arrive. I've never been to Algeria, so I don't have any idea how I can settle there.

    Here are the questions that I'd like to ask:
    1. What are the documents that I may need to take with me? Do they need to be translated and notarized?
    2. Do I need to get them sealed by the Algerian embassy here in China?
    3. I plan to stay there for many years, so after I will arrive to Algeria, where can I go to settle my situation in order to stay?
    4. Which one I should apply for? family visa or residency? What's the difference between them? I don't know how they do in Algeria, because here in China we apply for visiting family visa for my husband, so I don't know if I also should apply for the same for myself there.

    The above questions are the ones in my mind now, if I will have more questions, I may ask again.

    Anyone who knows how to do, or anyone who is a foreigner there and has experience, please help me a little. May Allah reward you all, Ameen!

    assalaamu alaykum

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    Esalaamu aleikoum,
    It is rather a long process but it is talked about in depth in the Djazaïriya support group. Happy Ramadan!


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      i don t know a lot about embassady thing but i realy would love to welcome you to algers i know in the biging you may have some trouble to feet in but ijust want you to know that the algerian people are very nice and very hospital


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        Alhamdulillah right now I am already living in Algeria for some months, and I already got a 2 years residency smoothly.
        Thanks for your kindly welcome and replies.
        I think this website is useful and I could make friends through it .
        Hope this website can always keep running, insha Allah.