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Algerian men's communication style - Help for a passionate Latina

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  • Algerian men's communication style - Help for a passionate Latina

    Salam everyone!

    Firstly I have to say that I am so happy I found this forum! I have been googleling for ages trying to find answers to my mind and from the little bit I had the chance to read here it seems very helpful and also very kind of Algerian people to share their culture, especially with foreigners... taking in consideration that not all cultures are really friendly enough in the point to spare their time explaining themselves to a different culture.. Well, my culture is also very friendly and we actually love getting to know foreign people... I'm a latina from South America...

    I have a question about Algerian men... I fell deeply in love with an Algerian man... He is the most lovable, and sweet, and intelligent and smart and beautiful in all the ways possible. (that's how my eyes see him!). We are not together, it's a long story... But when we first met he made sure he showed 'interest' not directely but enough to keep me around... We flirted just a little bit and then he just communicates with me indirectly, nicely, but indirectly. I don't know what to think... Because I didn't get to see him personally much and right now he is working away for 2 months already (we met randomly only twice in 3 months) I have messaged him almost every single day... And they are love declarations!!! I have said the most beautiful words declaring my love in forms of poems and music...

    The curious thing is... He is in silence!!!! He does make sure he shows somehow he has acknowleged it but not directly, he usually does something in the same social network we are that I know for sure he read what i said. (Which is nice, he find funny and sweet ways to show it!)

    But his silence is killing me!!! Is it a yes or no??? How do I know if he is accepting my love? He could have unfriended me by now, but he is still there and sometimes I think he even enjoys receiving my messages. Is that true that Algerian men have a 'feelings' communication problem? I'm not Muslim but I told him in the very begining of my 1st messages I was praying a d'ua to be sure of what I was feeling for him and also I was studying his faith...

    p.s. the last time I met him, his parents were with him and I absolutely loved meeting them! I can't speak french and they couldn't speak english but we managed communicating well. His mum even smiled at me in the end and said thank you in english to me for being nice to them (I tried my hardest to impress them! lol)

    Any kind help??? You can do questions if that helps you to help me!
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