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Thoughts on my new Algerian Boyfriend?

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  • Thoughts on my new Algerian Boyfriend?

    Hello all, I have found this forum very helpful so far.
    I was hoping some of you would be able to weigh in on a few things here.
    I have been out of my long term relationship for a while now, and decided I would try a dating site. Within a few hours, I was contacted by someone who is about an hour and a half away from me. We emailed back and forth for a few days, and during that time, I noticed his words were somewhat broken? SO I inquired as to where he was from and he gladly told me he was from Algeria, and was primarily raised in France. I had no problem with that at first, and I don't think I have a problem with it now really. After a few more days emailing we exchanged phone numbers. By nature I am curious, so I googled him and did my homework. He is who he says he is, but there is so much I still don't know.
    We decided to meet, and he was very willing to go meet anywhere, so I suggested we go kayaking. It is something I really like to do and he had never been so that is what we agreed on. The moment I saw him, I knew there was something about him. Just hadn't figured it out yet. As the day progressed, we talked a lot about our past and about what we wanted in the future, and as it turns out, we want a lot of the same things. We are both very busy with work, and enjoy a lot of the same things, or at least will try the new things.
    I really do like him, and I think he likes me too. His intensity both terrifies and intrigues me to the point I can't think about anything else. While I am not a shy person, I have been hurt so badly in the past by being too trusting, so I have shied away from forming close relationships since then. But with him, I feel connected.
    As our relationship has grown, he tells me he misses me all the time and can't wait to see me, but at the same time he doesn't really call or text me.
    He says I am the only girl in his life, and from day one he told me he wanted nothing more than to take care of me. He said he would be my everything and from now on we are a couple, each half of a whole and that we would share everything.
    He is very pushy and aggressive when kissing, and doesn't seem to know how to stop form going further.

    I guess in an effort to keep this story from being miles long I will just ask the questions.
    It seems like maybe I am old fashioned, and think that you meet someone and get to know them, then kiss, then make plans, maybe sex, then maybe move in or marriage.
    With him it seems like he already knows he wants me, he wants me to move closer to him, even move in with him. Wants to share everything.
    Is this just an Algerian thing? Do they just do things differently? Do they find someone and just attach to them and that is the way it is?
    As far as intimacy goes, it that an Algerian thing too?
    He says he and his brothers and father respect women, and they live as equals, but It seems somewhat one sided in that department?

    The only other thing that bothers me at this point is that I know he still goes on the dating site, because it shows when they are online and when they were last on line. Yet he says he isn't talking to other people. I know he works a lot but I am not near him, so I have no idea what he is doing. I feel like at this stage in the relationship there is still room for doubt. I wonder if he is just talking to many people. I do not want to believe he is a player, but if you look at his house, it is completely bare, no signs of other girls there except the stuff of mine I left there.

    I am confused guys... I have never felt this way about ANYONE before, and i think if it goes on much longer then I find out he is doing funny business, I will be absolutely crushed.


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    Additional info

    Also, he says he is Christian, is that common?


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