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Marrying in Algeria

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  • Marrying in Algeria

    Hi, hope someone can help. I'm getting married in Algeria and haven't been clearly told what the process is.

    My Fiance says I need various documents, but the single Status one is causing us grief. He says we need 4 of them to be able to authorise the marriage then we will have a date after 3-4 months of waiting. The Register Office says we need to know where in order to obtain the certificate. It's very hard to get any information.

    Does anyone know how long the Certificate of No Impediment is valid for from the date of issue in Algeria?

    Also I need to translate them all into French but does that need to be done before, after or at the same time as Legalising the documents (Apostille,etc.)


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    Hi Ladydove and congratulations on your forthcoming marriage.

    I have read this forum over the years but never registered as a member however when I noticed you had not had a reply to you query I decided to register and reply to you

    Firstly it is a very stressful process doing anything in Algeria, so much red tape. You can however break it down into easy steps.
    Your Certificat De Coutume (CONI in UK) can be obtained from you local registry office. The date you give them is the 'intended date' I would suggest 2 months in advance. This is not absolute and is not very important. At the same time order your birth certificate and your Algerian visa if you don't have one. Once you have these you go to Algeria and have them translated locally. You will also need a medical exam and blood tests in Algeria.
    Once you have all this you/fiancé lodge your marriage request with your husband's Wilaya.
    These documents are sent to the 'police' for investigation and this is the long period of waiting.
    You do not need 4 of anything but you will have maybe 4 translated copies of everything that is what I think your fiancé means.
    After your file is returned you will be 'interviewed' by 'police' to check your details are correct. This is nothing to be worried about at all it is just a formality for foreigners.
    This will happen quite abruptly after your file returns so you must be in a position to return to Algeria at fairly short notice.
    Once you are given the go ahead your fiancé can book the registration office.
    You are then legally married insha'allah.
    I did this process some years ago and remember the associated stress but if you just take it a step/day at a time it will help you to deal with it.
    I am more than happy to help/support you if you have any further questions.



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      Hi Peaches, Thanks for your reply! I will PM you.


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        Hi Peaches, not sure if I PM'd you correctly of if you got my message but Ill post it below!

        Thank you for your reply! I had 3 weeks off work trying to obtain documents, but ran out of time to go out to Algeria, so my Fiance said just come for a holiday and we will process the documents in June.

        Firstly, you mentioned giving the Register Office an intended date. I had a few conversations with them initially, as they said I needed a date, but I didn't have a definite one, then they said they could issue a certificate without a date but I needed to only give them the venue of the Mairie.(Town Hall)

        Secondly, I ordered my Birth Certificate (certified copy) as Original was lost. I did this in February, would it still be valid if intending to marry in June?

        I can't return to Algeria for now. Can I get them translated here in the UK and it will be accepted? Also, I'm intending to get my documents completed now and return in June for 3 months. Not sure if I can do that?? Do you know the process for staying for an extended period of time. I will have to give up my work to do so.



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          Hi Ladydove,

          I replied to your PM


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            Hi Peaches, I got your message. Thank you! I will be in touch soon.


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